This Friends-Inspired Heated Turkey Plush Will Keep You Warm Through Winter

Turkeys have a special significance to fans of the hit 90’s sitcom Friends. But not for reasons you would think. It definitely wasn’t because the gang loved to eat it. In fact, the turkey they tried to have together ended up burning to a crisp when they tried to celebrate Thanksgiving together for the first time. No, the reason why the show’s fans adore turkeys is because it’s  Monica and Chandler’s relationship milestone memento.

Recently, Firebox paid homage to the much-beloved turkey by releasing a giant turkey mask. But if you’re not really into wearing masks, the wonky gift company also has a Friends-inspired Heated Turkey Plush. So if you’ve ever felt the need to cuddle a turkey, this is your chance!

model holding the friends heatable turkey plush

Firebox is known for having brilliantly bizarre novelty products that make perfect gifts for friends, family, and most importantly, yourself. And since 2019 is Friend’s silver anniversary since becoming small screen giants, the company has released a slew of Friends-inspired merchandise that any fan should absolutely have in their collection. On their product page, Firebox wrote:

“Too cold to shimmy? To frost bitten to cheer up your friend so successfully that they proclaim their love for you? Classic Thanksgiving weather.
Sod the pressure cooker. All you need to get this turkey sizzling is a turn in the microwave. Snuggle up to it and feel the same fuzzy feelings of love when that someone whose mate just confessed to being in love with them might feel.”

The Friends-inspired Heated Turkey Plush is a cool and very warm little buddy you should have.

model cradling the friends heatable turkey plush

Firebox’s heated turkey plush takes after the iconic turkey mask that Monica wore. It features an embroidered pair of orange sunglasses and a sewn-on red fez hat. Even though this turkey plush doesn’t have a face, we’re really getting a strong relaxed vibe from it. Plus, compared to hot water bottles that only stay hot for 30 minutes, the Plush can keep you warm and cozy for up to two hours!

the friends heatable turkey plush

This plush turkey is the perfect companion for those times when all you want to do is be wrapped by a thick blanket, while you’re wearing your over-sized sweater and cute pair of socks. It will also be a really clever Christmas gift for when your office decides to have a white elephant Christmas gift exchange.

heated turkey plush

However, the turkey plush does not come cheap. This heated turkey will set you back for $25. But, considering that all this plush needs in order to give you warmth every time you get cold hands is a little over a minute in the microwave, it’s a pretty good deal. Get the Friends-inspired heated turkey plush here today, before they’re all plucked out! Don’t be shy – get into the Friends frenzy now before it’s too late!