Adorable Turkey Plush Is A Must Have

Thanksgiving is undeniably one of the most anticipated holidays every year. But aside from the scrumptious spreads and tasty treats, we’re also looking forward to all the creative Thanksgiving-themed collectibles that are coming our way. For starters, Squishmallows has released a turkey plush that’s sure to make an adorable plus-one for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Introducing Petina the Turkey. Measuring 12 inches tall, this squishy plushie comes in a pale gray color with black and red details on her tail. She also comes with a pair of colorful fluffy wings featuring bright shades of yellow, orange, pink, and red. Squishmallows stuffed toys come in a variety of sizes typically ranging from two inches up to 24 inches tall. So, at 12 inches tall, Petina falls right in between, which means it’s the perfect huggable size.

squishmallow thanksgiving petina the turkey plush


squishmallow thanksgiving bird stuffed animal toy


Squishmallows has released an adorable turkey plush in time for Thanksgiving

Made of polyester, she certainly makes a great cuddle companion that would keep you company, especially during the long winter nights. At the same time, she makes a wonderful travel buddy that you can take with you on sleepovers, road trips, and long-haul flights. Regardless of your age, we’re sure you wouldn’t mind keeping this marshmallow-soft plushie by your side all year long!

squishmallow thanksgiving bird stuffed toy


squishmallow petina the turkey plush


squishmallow turkey plush

Apparently, Petina isn’t the brand’s first turkey plushie. There’s also Terry the Turkey which comes in three editions—a brown one, a grey one, and a Pilgrim turkey version. Together, they make up the “Thanksgiving Squad” which is definitely a must-have for avid Squishmallows fans, turkey lovers, and plushie collectors alike.



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Petina the Turkey is available on Amazon as well as other authorized retailers including Target, Walmart, and more.

One happy customer wrote:

“She is the perfect size and her tail is beautiful! Shipping was surprisingly fast and I am so happy I have her to go with my 2020 Terry!”

Source: Amazon