A ‘Friends’ Turkey Mask Exists And It’s Perfect For Thanksgiving

You didn’t honestly think that the Friends frenzy is over, did you? On the contrary, the Friends fever rages on, especially after Jennifer Aniston earned herself a Guinness World Record when she broke Instagram earlier this week. 2019 is a very special year for Friends, because the show is celebrating its silver anniversary of being small screen giants. We’ve been seeing a lot of Friends merchandise popping up in the shelves of our favorite shops in the past months. Heck, we even got to sip on coffee inspired by our favorite Friends characters! The fun doesn’t end there because Firebox has released the Friends turkey mask.

The Friends turkey mask is the ultimate homage to the iconic Thanksgiving episode of the show.

Monica wearing the giant turkey on her head

If you’ve binged on Friends as much as we have, you’d know why this turkey mask is an extremely seminal object for Monica and Chandler. In the iconic “The One With All The Thanksgivings” episode, Monica tries an uncanny way to apologize to Chandler, for being the cause of his lost toe. Monica ended up donning a giant turkey wearing sunglasses and a fez before shimmying into Chandler’s apartment.

Her unusual apology amused Chandler so much that he blurted out that he loves her. Because anyone crazy enough to wear a giant turkey over their heads deserves all the love they can get!

thanksgiving mask

This mask promises lots of clean fun.

Friends Turkey Mask

There’s no guarantee that someone will confess that they’re in love with you if you wear the Friends turkey mask. But it’ll definitely give you and your friends (or family) golden Thanksgiving content for future gatherings and Instagram stories alike. Firebox, in the item page, writes that:

“Need to cheer your quasi-flatmate up around Thanksgiving? This mask will do the trick. Pop it on your head and shimmy on over to their apartment. The fez and sunglasses are attached so you don’t have to worry about putting them on separately. And the turkey itself is made of fabric instead of … meat. Much cleaner than putting a real turkey on your head.”

Model wearing Friends turkey mask

This riot of a mask features a “secret mesh window so you can still see”. At least you won’t have to worry about knocking over your Mom’s favorite vase! Now, if only they’d also designed a flap for your actual Thanksgiving dinner to enter through… Get your Friends turkey mask here!