Hilarious Christmas Presents Given By People Who Have Mastered Gift Giving

Christmas is a time when lots of people like to give gifts to their loved ones. Some people, however, enjoy mixing things up a bit, and who doesn’t love a good prank/joke gift? Here we have a hilarious selection of presents people received for Christmas. There are some genius ideas for anyone who wants inspiration on how to make next years big day an amusing one. The effort that some people have gone in to is commendable. Take a look and feel free to leave a comment if you received or gave a funny present you’d like to share!

The results when you challenge your grandma to buy you 100 gifts from the dollar store!

When you ask for an apple watch…

This parent’s son asked for Beats headphones…

What could this be?

This guy gave his dad a blanket with his face on it!

The recipient of this gift has a brother who masters personalized gifts!

The person responsible for this gift received another family’s custom order but gave it to their girlfriend anyway!

So much effort! What a great gift!

This person’s granny knitted them some socks!

Sibling rivalry at its finest!

When you eat a plate of cookies from your neighbor and then see this…

This person’s 8 year old son wanted to make stockings for his parents. Cute! 

When you’re 24 and still live with your parents. Could they be hinting something?

This is some next level pranking…

The time, the effort… we salute this gift giver!