Totally ‘JAWesome’ Shark Wine Glasses Make It Seem Like A Shark Is Swimming In A Blood Bath

We have another treat for all shark fanatics out there. If you think the shark mania is over just because Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has ended, then you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, the shark craze just keeps getting more and more intense every day. And every day, there’s always a new shark-inspired product that is sure to delight all shark lovers. There’s the huggable shark plush toy, the immersive shark bath bomb, shark inflatable shade pool, shark socks, and more.  If you’re a wine aficionado and a shark geek too, you can have your two favorite things into one amazing item. These shark wine glasses will bring a touch of thrill to your usual wine o’clock.

shark wine glasses

Designed by Taiwan-based industrial design company BTS Design, these shark wine glasses feature a glass shark figure inside the glass. The shark is supported by a thin line of glass. When the glass is filled halfway with red wine, the shark’s dorsal fin appears above the surface. The glass of wine appears like a scene of a ferocious shark attack as the savage predator swims in bloody water.

shark wine glasses behance

When filled halfway with red wine, the glass of wine appears like a ‘shark attack’ scene

shark wine glasses bts design

You’re probably screaming ‘Take my money!’ right now. Unfortunately, these shark wine glasses were exclusively designed for a company named Yuyi Design. These fantastic glasses were created in 2017 along with the rose wine glasses that take the shape of a rose.

rose wine glasses

For sure, these wine glasses would definitely become a sure hit if the company decides to put them on the market. While we’re waiting for this to happen, you may want to check out this shark bite tea infuser or this heat changing shark mug.