This Friends-Inspired Neon Central Perk Sign Is The Perfect Addition To Any Super Fan’s Home

The pilot episode of Friends aired and changed TV history forever on September 22, 1994. And this year, which marks its 25th anniversary, nostalgia is running high. Numerous throwback merchandise have appeared in shelves and racks, and events are in full swing. And thanks to Netflix, the show’s audience has expanded into massive proportions. One of the most notable locations in the series, aside from the characters’ enviable apartments, is the Central Perk. It’s where the gang converges to hang out after a long day (or night). And now, you can have your very own neon Central Perk sign.

Neon Central Perk Sign

Because let’s face it. Not all of us will ever get to hang out at Central Perk or hang out with the cool cast of Friends. But thanks to Firebox, you can now have a mini version of the Central Perk sign and put transform your apartment into a hip hangout for you and your friends!

Measuring at only 15 inches across, this neon Central Perk sign is perfect for your abode. And instead of using actual neon (because it’s actually dangerous), Firebox opted to create a neon effect light instead. You can power up this mini sign with batteries or by USB.

friends coffee shop logo

This neon Central Perk sign will definitely perk up your apartment.

We suspect that with this sign adorning your wall, you and your Friends-loving friends will love hanging out at your place! It’s a super affordable option for struggling young adults! I mean, who would ever say no to a coffee date so you and your gang can catch up and spend time together? That’s likes, three of our love languages fused into one!

central perk neon sign


central perk coffee

And compared to the other Friends merchandise out there right now, this neon Central Perk sign won’t set you back too much. It’s surprisingly affordable! You can pre-order this neon Central Perk sign today!

Complete the Central Perk vibe by brewing Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Friends brews. The coffee chain didn’t just release a drink menu based off from the Friends gang. Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, CBTL has got you covered. You can choose among the Central Perk Medium Roast, Central Perk Dark Roast, and the Central Perk Tea and order them online. Hopefully you don’t burn your breakfast and everything goes great!

Central Perk Brews