14 Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Thanksgiving You Will Appreciate

For many people, thanksgiving is their absolute favorite holiday. The mouthwatering mountain of food and drinks, the festivities, and, the joyful family gatherings can leave a person feeling wonderful. However, there are many others out there who aren’t a huge fan of the whole ordeal at all! From having to defend your sexuality all the way to dancing alone with the dog, take a look below for 14 hilariously relatable tweets about thanksgiving you are sure to appreciate! 

An honest answer!

True that.

This is just too relatable…

This isn’t a bad idea!

Grandmas just need to feed!

And now, that song is stuck in our minds!

One of the best pictures we’ve ever seen…

Three of the most common sentences said on thanksgiving!

Ah, the joys!

Dogs are better than people sometimes!

Sarcastic Mommy could be on to something here!

Leftovers are the best, and then the worst, thing ever!

Do you have ‘that’ uncle?

A great tip for those with parents who aren’t too good with technology!