Asda Have Brought Back The Baileys Chocolate Yule Log For Christmas

After proving to be a huge holiday hit last year,  the Baileys Chocolate Yule Log is returning as a part of Asda’s holiday catalog! Of course we know that Halloween has to happen first before we deck the halls with festive decor, but there’s really no such thing as Christmas shopping too early.  Look out, fruit cake because this super chocolate-y and booze-infused yule log just might become the new Christmas cake!

“A soft chocolate sponge, rolled with a chocolate flavour frosting and coated with milk chocolate, masked with a Baileys® frosting and finished with bronze lustered culrs and a chocolate plaque.”

The Baileys Yule Log is the most luxurious yule log you’ll ever have this coming holiday season.

baileys yule log in the box


Bailey's yule log sliced

It’s impossible to find a person who doesn’t enjoy the taste of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. And now, with their new line of decadent desserts, we’re sure that a lot more people will fall in love with the rich and creamy liqueur. Grown-up gatherings this coming holidays just got better thanks to the rich chocolate log cake slathered with Baileys-infused frosting.

You might want to get more than one box of the Baileys Yule Log though, because although it supposedly serves 8, you and your guests will definitely be looking to go for seconds! The boozy chocolate log retails for £5 at physical Asda stores. But if you’re a tad too busy to drop by the physical store, your Baileys Yule Log is always a click away at Asda’s online store. And since it’s already available now, some people are saying a lot of things about the log.

Sadly those allergic to eggs, milk, soya, or wheat will have to pass up their share from the boozy chocolate Yule Log. But if you know for sure that nobody sitting in your dining table this holiday season has food allergies, then by all means, get as much of the Baileys Yule Log as you possibly can!