Aldi Has A Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza Perfect For A Spooky Movie Night

Pizza is something we crave all year long. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a seasonal pizza to go along with a specific festivity. And that’s what this pumpkin-shaped pizza is all about. We all know that Aldi never runs out of seasonal items and treats to make our holidays more fun. So, if you’re looking for the spookiest products for Halloween, there’s no other place to be than Aldi.

Sure, Halloween is traditionally known as the season of candy and sweet treats. But if you don’t have the sweet tooth like many people do, you don’t have to eat sweet things just to get into the Halloween vibe. Surrounded with all things sweet and sugary, this is when our cravings for cheesy, savory pizza unusually kicks in. Thankfully, Aldi is here to save our taste buds by bringing us this spooky pizza.


Aldi Releases This Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza For A Savory Halloween

Mama Cozzi’s Halloween Pizza is part of Aldi Finds. So, this means these yummy goodies are only here for a limited time only. It features a crispy crust in the shape of a pumpkin. The crust is topped with a blend of creamy butternut squash sauce, which makes a creamy ‘autumnal’ alternative to tomato sauce and cheddar cheese. To complete the jack-o’-lantern look, the pie is finished off with a pair of mozzarella eyes and mascarpone cheese sauce for the mouth.

The pizza started hitting the freezer aisle October 7th. The 8.11-oz box contains one pizza and the spooky design on the packaging should catch your eyes instantly. So, you won’t have any trouble spotting them on the shelves. And again, these savory Halloween delights will only be around for the month of October so stocking up is the best way to go.