You Can Now Get Big Bags Of Dill Pickle Popcorn At Aldi

It isn’t easy to sneak a bite when pickles are your snack of choice. In fact, I think I speak for everyone when I say that pickles have been severely underappreciated by the world. So it’s really great that snack brands are slowly giving it the attention it deserves. Pringles, for one, will be releasing a limited edition snack inspired by pop culture icon Pickle Rick ‘soon’. Even Aldi has joined in the pickle madness by stocking their shelves with life saving (and dare we say, life changing) popcorn dill pickle flavor!

Aldi partnered with Clancy’s to bring us this bewildering snack option. We normally associate popcorn with more sweet and savory flavor options, so we’re quite itrigued with how Clancy’s has managed to balance popcorn’s fluffy goodness with the pickle’s tart notes. The announcement of this new popcorn flavor was released by @aldiusa in January 24. And so far, people have been raving about it. However, people seem to be a bit divided on their opinion about this combo. Some say that its dill pickle-ness is a bit lacking while others say that it’s just right. The only way to really know where you stand in this flavor feud is by trying the popcorn yourself. After all, our taste preferences are as unique as our thumbprints.


Aldi’s new popcorn dill pickle flavor is sure to make your taste buds tingle

Surprisingly, Clancy’s has managed to keep the popcorn pristine. If it were tinged with green, it would It makes it look like something The Hulk would nosh on, to be honest. The Gaining Ground recently published a review of the snack. And according to the YouTuber, you won’t have to worry about ‘stinking up’ the room with this popcorn snack because the dill pickle smell isn’t really that strong. The sour notes are definitely there, just toned down.  In addition, the reviewer said that it’s “popcorn with salt and a hint of dill”. He also noted that you’ll need to keep popping the treats to keep the flavor alive in your palette, which is probably what Clancy is going for.

As of writing, people are going on crazy searching for Clancy’s popcorn dill flavor, since it’s really flying off the shelves. The novel new treat comes in massive 7.5oz bags that retail for $1.69 exclusively at Aldi. We love a good snack mashup. Even more so when it saves us from the trouble of dealing with drippy messes. If you agree with us, then you’d best hurry to your nearest Aldi location and grab a bag or two! After all, the only way to find out if you like this snack combo or not is by actually trying it.


Watch the review below