People That Were Adopted Share Their Experiences With Open Adoption

Adoption is a wonderful thing in our opinion. Not everyone agrees with the process but that’s okay. You may or may not have known there are two types of adoption, open and closed. As you can probably guess, a closed adoption is where there is no interaction between the child and adoptive parents with the biological parents. There is no identifying information shared between the families. Whereas with an open adoption, both families share identifying information and have the option of contact. Below we have a selection of people sharing their experiences with open adoption. Take a look…
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Some people would have preferred a clean break. 

It’s incredibly frustrating when people who have no experience with something make judgments.

Unfortunately, sometimes you find what you were looking for, but it turns out to be a let down. 

Well done for helping out other people!

Imagine having so many grandparents! Awesome.

The best of both worlds!

Sometimes people feel like they had a lucky escape. 

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Having your choice taken away from you must be hard.

This sounds like a very tricky situation.

An open adoption doesn’t always equate to a relationship.

Being lied to can cause terrible damage. 

Yay! We love a happy ending. 

Sometimes the outcome isn’t important. It’s whether or not you were given a choice that matters. 

It must be hard to wonder what your life might have been like had you gone down a different path.