Lay’s New Flavor Icons Are Restaurant-Inspired And There’s A Philly Cheesestake Flavor

We all have our favorite restaurants. But since most food service businesses are still easing into a slow re-opening, Lay’s has come up with the next best thing. So if you’re missing El Torito’s Carnitas Tacos or Grimaldi’s Kettle Cooked New York Style Pizza, you’ll love the new Lay’s Flavor Icons! These new offerings are inspired by iconic American dishes served by renowned restaurants throughout the country. In other words, potato chips just got a whole lot fancier!

The brand is no stranger to incorporating much beloved food items in their chips. After all, they did release chips that were BLT and Cheese & Tomato flavored! So are we really surprised that they came up with these signature dish-inspired chips? No, not really. But we are absolutely thrilled! Did anyone ever think of the day we’d get to munch on some chips that taste like our favorite restaurant’s signature dish? Well, apparently someone over at their headquarters did, and they deserve a raise and a lot of praise!


Lay’s new offering consists of flavors inspired by signature dishes in famous restaurants across the United States

The Flavor Icons lineup consists of five flavors. These include Kettle Cooked New York Style Pizza inspired by Grimaldi’s in New York, Party Fowl’s Nashville Hot Chicken, Geno’s Steaks’ Philly Cheesesteak from Philadelphia and Chile Relleno from Cocina Azul in Alberquerque. These four Flavor Icons are regular chips but the Carnitas Taco from El Torito in Los Angeles will come in a wavy chip form.

The limited edition Flavor Icons were widely released on July 13th, so there’s a good chance that your local retailers will have them in-stock now. However, you’ll only be able to snag the Chile Relleno at Walmart and 7-Eleven, according to sources. Instagram snack reviewer @snackgator already got to try each flavor. And their review’s got us itching to hit Walmart right this moment.


The Flavor Icons chips come in five flavors


You might have a hard time choosing your favorite among the new Flavor Icons

In their review, they said the Kettle Cooked New York Style Pizza has “robust marinara, a deep grilled mozzarella flavor, and some great spices” on every chip. Then, they raved about the “seriously authentic taste” of the Wavy Carnitas Tacos chips. And then, they wrote that the Nashville Hot Chicken are “HOT!”. On the other hand, the Chile Relleno was a bit more subtle than the others but it’s still good. And finally, they wrote that the Philly Cheesesteak “aren’t a bold chip” but they still got that “beefy/cheesy vibe”.

It seems like we’re going to have a tough time deciding which among the five Flavor Icons we’ll vote as the best one. So we’re just going to snack on them all. Which among these limited edition flavors are you salivating over the most?