Fill A Loved One’s Stocking Up This Year With Rectal Use Only Stickers

Stick some fun into your boring workplace by placing these For Rectal Use Only Stickers on random places and things. Originally for medication purposes, we often see these blue stickers in clinic and hospital settings. We usually see these labels on certain thermometers and other medical tools that are intended to be used in the rectal area. Of course, no one wants to mistakenly use a rectal thermometer as an oral thermometer because that would be gross. These stickers are especially made to label medical equipment and suppository-type drugs. But this meaningful purpose has taken a crazy turn when people started sticking them everywhere just for fun.


for rectal use only stickers blue


Some pranksters suddenly decided to stick these labels on random objects. These include packages in supermarkets, office supplies, trash cans, computer mouse, or anything they can get their hands on. In fact, a certain subreddit thread is dedicated to show the endless uses of For Rectal Use Only Stickers. From scissors and pens to vending machines and Nintendo Switch, even innocent cats fall victim to the notorious blue label.


subreddit rectalstickers car clutch


subreddit rectalstickers trash can


for rectal use only stickers cutting table

The possibilities are endless with these For Rectal Use Only stickers

subreddit rectalstickers nintendo switch


subreddit rectalstickers knife package


for rectal use only stickers scissors


for rectal use only stickers on cat


If you want to join in the craze, get the stickers here and stick to the fun. One roll of tape contains 500 strips of stickers featuring high contrast blue and black printing. Each sticker strip measures 1.5 x 0.375 inches perfect for discreet pranks in the home or office. One happy buyer wrote:

“I actually ordered these to put all over my intern’s office while she was out of town so she could come back to work with a nice surprise. It turned out super funny, and now my husband is going to do it to a coworker as well. They peel off and on easily without ruining anything.”


for rectal use only stickers 500 strips


for rectal use only stickers


for rectal use only stickers permanent adhesive


Red fluorescent Stickers


for rectal use only stickers red


funny labels fluorescent red


hilarious labels fluorescent red

Get yours here: Blue | Red