You Can Now Get Glitter Cranberry Sauce For A Fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner

Looking for something that screams both Thanksgiving and Christmas? How about this Glitter Cranberry Sauce? Everyone had a blast this Halloween and now it’s time to move on to the next holiday which is Thanksgiving. This also means it’s time to store away all the gloomy, macabre-themed decor and bring out all things sparkly. We’re not only talking about decorations but also food as well. If you’re looking for something glittery to add to your holiday table, then this sauce is perfect.

shimmering condiment thanksgiving

London-based internet retailer Firebox launches another unusual goody that would either make you say ‘Wow’ or ‘why?’. Introducing the sparkling cranberry sauce that will certainly add some sparkling delight to your festive dinner. Unlike your plain, boring sauce, this shimmering condiment is packed with edible glitter that are made from sugar, cornstarch, and pearlescent color additives that are totally safe to eat. But would the shimmers make any difference? Of course, they would! There could never be a better way to celebrate the holidays than to eat sparkly dishes.

Check out the Glitter Cranberry Sauce

glitter cranberry sauce with edible shimmer

Yes, the edible glitter is a huge plus. But this sauce offers more than just its eye-catching shimmer. This glorious condiment is also infused with orange zest and a splash of vodka. And when there’s booze included, you already know it’s going to be seriously great. Besides, why hasn’t anyone thought of infusing vodka into ordinary condiments before? No one can possibly resist this tempting combo.

glitter cranberry sauce

Now you know what you’re getting for Thanksgiving dinner. Smear this sauce on top of the roast turkey to glaze and enhance its flavor. For sure, the Glitter Cranberry Sauce will make the star of the Thanksgiving dinner even brighter. It’s a common knowledge that cranberry sauce goes well with turkey. But it also pairs well with other meat such as chicken, beef, and pork.

shimmering cranberry sauce

Get this delicious, sparkling condiment here and impress everyone around the Thanksgiving table. And when Thanksgiving is over, you can use this sauce to glaze your holiday ham for your Christmas dinner.