World’s First Sour Patch Kids Store Opens In New York And They Have Candy-Inspired Desserts

What’s your definition of an ideal paradise? Chocolate lovers would surely love to live in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. But if you’re more into fruity candies then the Sour Patch Kids Store is the place where your sweetest dreams could come true. Just recently, the first-ever shop dedicated to the candy opened to satisfy all your sour-then-sweet cravings. The shop is located at 665 Broadway New York, NY near Washington Square Park.

So, what’s inside the world’s first Sour Patch Kids Store? You’ll find everything from classic candies and candy-inspired desserts to limited-edition merchandise. It is filled with a complete collection of both classic and new candies in various packaging to suit your taste. In addition to the candies, the shop also serves mouthwatering sour-then-sweet dessert creations. From smoothies and cake shakes to waffles and ice cream, everything on the menu is loaded with Sour Patch candy bits to take ordinary desserts a notch higher.


The First-Ever Sour Patch Kids Store Opens In New York

sour patch kids store new york

The Sour Sandwich, for example, consists of Sour Patch Kids ice cream sandwiched between Sour Patch Kids sugar cookies dipped in red chocolate and rolled in Sour Patch Kids Bitz. Another one is the Sour Sweet Smoothie featuring soft serve ice cream with Sour Patch-flavored swirl and candy pieces topped with whipped cream and Sour Patch Kids Bitz. So, you can take your love for the iconic sour-to-sweet candies to the extreme with these over-the-top desserts.

sour patch kids store dessert menu


sour patch-flavored desserts


sour patch kids store menu

In addition to the candies, the store also lets you customize your own mix. You can choose your preferred flavors from the following choices: redberry, blue raspberry, pink strawberry, lemon, orange, lime, grape and pineapple. Yes, you can choose only one flavor or choose all flavors to be included in your mix. After you have chosen your flavors, select your desired packaging. You can opt for the 2-pound or 5-pound boxes, 2-pound or 5-pound party bags and party favor tin. Lastly, personalize your creation by adding your name on the label.

That’s not all. The store also has a wide variety of merchandise to let you express your love for the candy. Its line of apparel includes unisex t-shirts, tank tops, longsleeve tees and socks. Accessories include bags, totes, wallets, umbrellas and sunglasses. Novelty items include pillows, mugs, water bottles, tumblers and Funko Pop figures. It also has a line of beauty products including lip balms, lip gloss, scented soaps and bath bombs.

candy-inspired shirts


candy-inspired novelty items

The candies and the merchandise are available in-store and online. The store ships nationwide so you can purchase the items online if you can’t make it to the shop. For the desserts, however, you’ll need to order it over the counter. So, you’ll need to visit the shop to try these delightful treats. And take note that they’re temporarily for takeout only, at least for the time being.


And, more great news, the store is a permanent. So yeah, that means it is staying here for good. If you happen to visit the shop, make sure you take a photo with the gigantic blue Sour Patch Kid modeled after the Statue of Liberty. There’s also a full-sized taxi on display that customers can pose in.