A Foam Mortar Launcher Exists For Those Who Want To Go All Out In Their Nerf Battles

Emerge victorious in all your Nerf battles with the help of this new weapon – the foam mortar launcher. Get in full gear and bring down your opponents. Reload your Nerf gun and bring along with you this foam mortar launcher so your enemies have nowhere to run. Modeled after the real thing, this lightweight portable toy can launch foam shells about 20 feet into the air. Simply aim the plastic tube towards your target and give them a surprise attack by firing the soft rockets.  Although this launcher blasts off the mortar at high speed, the foam shells are soft so as not to hurt anyone in actual battle.

nfstrike foam mortar launcher operate

So, how does this foam mortar launcher work? Whether you’re an expert in Nerf combats or just a newbie, anyone can operate this simple weapon easily. This mortar launcher is made up of three main components – a transmitter, a pressure reed cylinder, and three foam mortars. The transmitter, or the launcher itself, comes with a tripod stand and a flat base to sustain the tube in place. Before you can launch a mortar, you’ll need to insert it first into the pressure reed cylinder. Inside each mortar is a spring that initiates the propulsion mechanism. First, you’ll need to prime the spring inside by inserting the mortar into the reed cylinder. The cylinder pushes the spring forward and locks it in place. When you hear it clicks, that’s the indication that the mortar is ready to launch.

nfstrike foam mortar launcher


nfstrike foam mortar launcher plastic tube


nfstrike foam mortar launcher propulsion mechanism


nfstrike foam mortar launcher transmitter

Take the mortar out of the cylinder and place it inside the transmitter. As the mortar reaches the end of the tube, the launcher unlocks the spring and propels the mortar at high speed. This mortar launcher only weighs 3.4 pounds with the plastic transmitter measuring 24.4 inches long. Each foam mortar measures 2.5 inches and its thick exterior is made entirely of elastic sponge. It comes in dark green color and is suitable for people 14 years old and above. Buy this foam mortar launcher here and get ready to bring down your opponents. So, get yours now!

nfstrike foam mortar launcher in action


nfstrike foam mortar launcher plastic transmitter


nfstrike foam mortar launcher tripod stand


nfstrike foam mortar launcher flat base support


nfstrike foam mortar launcher soft sponge shells


nfstrike foam mortar launcher soft sponge bullets

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