14 Hair Styling Tips You Will Love – Part 1


Bad hair days… we all have them. Those days when nothing that usually works on your locks actually works anymore. Thankfully we have a two-part post to help save you some embarrassment! Take a look at these 14 awesomely simple hair styling hacks which will ensure your tresses look salon-perfect every day!

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Press your hair dry with a towel if you’re prone to frizz. Never rub dry!


Another excellent frizz-fighting strategy is to sleep with a beanie on while your hair is wet. When you wake up your hair should be smooth and beautiful looking!


Use spin pins instead of bobby pins when securing a bun.


This inexpensive Curl Easy Pro brush makes easy work of vintage-style hairstyles.


For body-filled locks scrunch your hair using a diffuser and gel or beach spray.


Tired of washing your hair each and every day? Just wash your bangs and pull the remainder of your hair back, simple!

girl bangs



Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and comb through any flyaway hairs to look perfectly groomed all day long!


Tying your hair into “pineapples” and covering with a sleeping cap at night time keeps curly hair looking great.


Want curls but only have a flat iron? That’s no problem at all!


Spray your hands with hairspray and run them through your locks before attempting an up-do. This will ensure your hair looks natural and tidy rather than looking and feeling stiff.


If you want gorgeous mermaid-like waves try flat-ironing your braids.


Add a little interest to a short straight hairstyle by using a flat iron to create flicks and movement.


A blast of cool air sets your style for the day or night ahead.


Create lasting curls on poker-straight hair by looping your hair around your fingers until you have created a coil. Slide the coil off your hand, cover in foil and hold with a hot flat iron, it’s so easy! Instructions here.

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Don’t forget to check out Part 2 of this post below:
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