The Hershey’s Candy Corn Bar Is Definitely One For The Halloween Sweet Bowl This Year

The Hershey’s Candy Corn bar is back for Halloween and it’s either your sweetest dream come true or your worst nightmare. To be fair, Hershey’s chocolate and candy corn are both iconic Halloween candy staples in their own right. Can you imagine Halloween without Hershey’s chocolates and candy corn? No, of course not. The idea of either sweets missing the action is preposterous! It’s downright heinous, even for a holiday that’s about everything heinous and spooky.

The Hershey’s Candy Corn bars will definitely spook your taste buds.

Hersheys Candy Corn Bar

This confounding concoction first debuted in 2014. The combination of melted candy corn, white chocolate, and candy bits can definitely spike your blood sugar levels. And we have to give props to Hershey’s for not making a weird candy corn treat. Because you can clearly distinguish the sugary candy corn flavors and creamy white chocolate that this bar has got going on.


It’s definitely going to be an eye-catching element to your candy bowl this Halloween. You can expect your guests to express either their delight or disgust at your chocolate of choice. Plus, this Halloween-inspired chocolate bar can either make or break your house’s power ranking among the trick-or-treaters. But of course, you can always keep it all to yourself.

We’ve got to give it to the chocolatiers of Hershey’s for dreaming up this uncanny and super sweet candy combination. Who would have thought that candy corn and white chocolate would taste good together? It’s pretty magical, if you ask me.

Hersheys Candy Corn Bar Snack Size Bag

If you want to get these colorful chocolate bars, you can choose between the 24-piece, 1.55-ounce full-size bars or the 9.5-ounce snack-size version. Whichever you choose, we hope you have a happily spooky Halloween! Just don’t forget to brush your teeth after you indulge in your Halloween haul, or you’ll find yourself visiting the dentist sooner than you planned.