Now You Can Get Your Very Own Golf Simulator To Practice Your Game

The 2019 Masters is making headlines nationwide thanks to Tiger Woods winning his fifth. It was indeed a much-needed win for his golf career after several years of hitting rock bottom.  Now all of a sudden, everyone wants to be like Tiger Woods. You can make this dream come virtually alive. The good thing about this TruGolf simulator is that you can set it up inside your home. With this innovative device, you can transform any room into a virtual golf course. So, you can play golf all you want in the comfort of your own room.

This golf simulator is a dream-come-true for golf enthusiasts and even those who are looking for an interactive pastime. You don’t have to get out of the house and travel to a golf course anymore. TruGolf Vista will bring the golf course into your home. It comes in three different sizes. Let’s start from the smallest, the Vista 8 S-Series features 114-inches diagonal projection screen. The Vista 10 S-Series has a screen measuring 136-inches across. And the largest, the Vista 12 S-Series has a 165-inches screen.

golf simulators


golf simulator

This golf simulator comes fully-equipped with high-tech TruTrack2 system that employs optical sensors. At the point of impact, the system automatically detects the club’s path, face angle, and head speed. You get to see real-time stats after every shot just like what you see on televised golf tournaments. The unit also uses a mat that simulates the appearance and texture of a real golf mat. Install the golf simulator in a room with sufficient space so you can swing your golf club without any obstruction. Moreover, the screen is firmly sustained in place by a new tension system.

You can choose from 96 different realistic golf courses. Each scene features high-definition 3D imagery that makes you feel like you’re actually playing on an actual golf course.
Source: TruGolf

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