A Neglected And Dying 10-Year-Old Goldfish Returned To Pet Store Gets Second Chance After Being Nursed Back To Health

Every living creature deserves a chance for a better life. For this neglected goldfish who was clinging on for dear life, his chance came when a kind-hearted woman found him at a pet store. The sick and dying fish was surrendered to the pet store by its previous owner. And, it seemed like the poor fish was left in there to die. But, Lacey Scott decided to give it another shot at life. So, she decided to adopt the dying fish and nurse it back to health.

Lacey Scott documented the inspiring story of how she met the fish on her TikTok page. She found the fish at a local pet shop while buying meds for her pet fish who was sick at that time. Lacey immediately noticed the gloomy-looking fish resting on the tank substrate. When she asked the store employee what was wrong with the fish, she later found out that the 10-year-old fish was surrendered to the shop by its previous owner. As to why the fish seems miserable, the employee said that the fish was just old and pouting from being moved to a new tank. But Lacey was sure it wasn’t just throwing a tantrum, there was really something wrong with it.


A Woman Brought Home A Dying Goldfish From A Pet Store



Lacey was determined to help the dying fish and bring it back to life. Since she didn’t have a suitable fish tank, she sought the help of a friend who had a fish. So, then she talked to the pet store owner the next day and the owner warned her that the fish may not live long. Despite that, Lacey was determined to take him in and give him a comfortable life in his last days.



So, Lacey brought the dying fish home for a discounted price. She named him Monstro and revealed on a TikTok video that he is a black moor fish. This variety of fish has a deep velvety blue-black color. But these fishes are likely to change color later in life, usually changing to orange or red. However, they change color depending on their environment, diet, health and water quality.


She Named Him Monstro



When Lacey brought the dying fish home, she noticed some lesions on his belly from laying on the substrate. Because he can no longer swim, Lacey made a shallow hospital tank with aquarium salt. She also changed the water on a daily basis to ensure he is getting the best quality of aquarium water. Monstro began to show some improvements as he began to eat and swim for short periods of time. As soon as Monstro was healthy enough, she got him a bigger 85 gallon tank and some aquatic friends to keep him company.


His Amazing Transformation Inspired Many People On The Internet



Surprisingly, Monstro started to show major improvements. His color slowly began to change, from dark blue to bright orange. The color wasn’t the only thing improving as the fish also got a lot bigger and more active every day. Days later, Monstro transformed into a majestic aquarium fish. Lacey is planning to get a 250 gallon tank for her growing fishes. Now, she has decided to keep the beautiful fish for herself and give him all the love and care he deserves.


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Hey guys! I made a couple new tiktok videos addressing questions I keep getting about Monstro. They’re up in my stories now, and I’ll move them to my highlights. . All I can say is WOW! I was not expecting the reaction I got, but I am so happy that Monstro and his story has made so many people smile! Seriously, thank you so much for all of the kind things that you’ve said to me. I’m sorry that I’m not able to respond to everyone! . He doesn’t have his own page. I’m honestly not sure I could keep up with two pages when I can barely manage this one ? but I do post about him and my other pets pretty frequently in my stories. . #monstrothegoldfish #update #thankyou #heretherebesculptures

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Monstro doesn’t have his own social media page as of the moment. But Lacey keeps posting updates about him on her TikTok page. You can follow her on TikTok to get the latest updates about this gorgeous goldfish.


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