You Can Get A USB Powered Mini Aquarium For Your Desk At Work

Studies reveal that watching fishes swim has a soothing effect that helps induce feelings of relaxation. Now you can have the chance to bring the calming effects of nature right to your desk with this USB Powered Mini Aquarium. Just place it on your desk and let the colorful fishes inspire you to work hard and enjoy life.

This Mini Aquarium would look great at home or at the office. Not to mention, it’s easy to maintain too. It features a faucet on top of the unit that circulates and flows water into the fish tank. Although it doesn’t come with a built-in filter, the water circulation mechanism acts as a natural underground filter that forces the debris to the bottom of the tank. So you can easily clean it up later. Located beside the faucet is an adjustable gooseneck lamp to help illuminate the fish tank at night. Additionally, the tank features an internal LED light that that can be adjusted between different colors to add more life to your aquarium.


USB Powered Mini Aquarium

usb powered mini aquarium white

Simply plug this Mini Aquarium into a wall outlet or any USB hub on your desk. The switch buttons are located at the back of the unit. Just press the buttons to turn on the motor, the lamp and the LED light. This decorative fish tank also features a large LCD screen on the side that displays the time and calendar as well as the water temperature. You can set the temperature of the water and the time/calendar settings by using the buttons below the LCD screen. Furthermore, the screen is backlit so you easily view the display even at night.

desktop fish tank


usb powered mini aquarium black


desktop fish tank switch buttons


desktop fish tank lcd screen backlit

One of the most amazing things about this Mini Aquarium is that it can create pre-recorded nature sounds to help you relax. Simply press the Sound button below the screen and choose from a wide variety of sounds like flowing water, birds, frogs and many more. Take note that the tank motor and lights are powered by the USB cord (included). But the LCD screen and its accompanying functions are powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). There’s also a storage area on the top side of the unit to hold your office accessories, phones and more.

usb powered mini aquarium with lcd screen


desktop fish tank lcd screen timer


small fish tank for desk


desktop small fish tank black

Overall, this USB Powered Mini Aquarium measures 9.4 inches long, 5.3 inches wide and 7.8 inches tall. The unit comes with decorative rocks and an artificial plant to get you started. You can add more ornaments into the tank if you prefer. Considering the size of the fish tank, we highly recommend placing small fishes such as bettas, guppies, neon tetras, zebrafishes or dwarf gouramis inside the tank. Also, we recommend cleaning the tank once a week to ensure the safety of your fishes. It is available in white and black color options. One happy buyer wrote:

“Very cute, great for a dorm. I thought the water faucet was just a decorative feature… but it really works. It circulates the water as part of the filtration, too cute.”

usb powered mini aquarium cord included


desktop fish tank black


desktop small fish tank


usb powered mini aquarium black with lcd screen


decorative desktop fish tank


usb powered mini aquarium with timer

Get the white unit here and the black unit here.


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