Moms’ Deepest and Darkest Secrets That Left Their Children Devastated

Nothing could ever be as painful as knowing that the person you trusted has seemingly betrayed you. Especially when it comes to your parents. Growing up, we used to look up to them as someone who should be our role model. However, humans as they are, it is also inevitable for them to keep some of their deepest and darkest secrets. That being said, what would happen if one day, these hidden secrets will be exposed to you? Here are some shocking confessions that will make you think whether or not you really know your parents well. Their unexpected revelations will leave you speechless.


#1 May this serve a gentle reminder to all of us. Not because you can, necessarily follows that you should.

#2 OMG! Loving someone isn’t a sin but it has its own limitations, I guess.

#3 After seeing the exchange of messages, you just can’t act as if this never happened.

#4 It doesn’t have to feel that way. Past is past, and besides, she’s a changed woman now, I suppose?

#5 And another one. If she’s been doing it to support you and put food on the table, then you don’t have the right to feel that way.

#6 Not just clean, but also pray that she’ll change for the better and stop using it instead.

#7 Who would’ve thought. It’s like you versus them. But we’re praying that things will go well soon enough.

#8 Come to think of it, what she has done before may not be good but try to know the whole story at least. Maybe then you’ll understand why.

#9 When politics comes in your way of being a family.

#10 Aww, your mom must be very happy to hear that from you. Make your momma proud!

#11 Well, that escalated quickly. A succession of unfortunate events couldn’t be more devastating as it already is.

#12 Perhaps, that is not much of an issue to you, isn’t it?

#13 Wow. This sounds interesting. But it’s also a good way for a healthy discussion.

#14 Not the kind of scenario anyone would expect. II feel bad for your dad too, though.

#15 Now I personally don’t know what to feel about this. You both experience the highest of high and lowest of low.

What can you say about these secrets exposed? Can you somehow relate to any of these? We’d like to hear from you!