Hershey’s Has Released A New Kit Kat Apple Pie Milkshake Topped With Caramel Drizzle

Our mouths literally watered when we heard the news that the Kit Kat Apple Pie is finally hitting shelves this July. Finally, our months-long wait is over! The official announcement may have baffled us, but we won’t deny that we’re thrilled about it being released earlier than we expected. And the surprises don’t end with just the treat’s release – Hershey’s Chocolate World apparently has a Kit Kat Apple Pie Milkshake in the works too! Clearly, the new apple pie-flavored Kit Kat is a snack we shouldn’t miss, as it’s clearly so good that Hershey’s Chocolate World decided it needs to be an official part of their summer 2020 lineup!

In case you need a refresher, the Kit Kat Apple Pie comprises of an apple sauce and cinnamon-flavored wafer that’s coated with vanilla cinnamon crème. Instagram snack connoisseur @markie_devo wrote that the treat “tastes like apple cinnamon pancakes with apple sauce on top”. He also wrote that “the smell is so impeccable, like fresh baked apple pie”. So, how Hershey’s will transform the Apple Pie flavor into a milkshake has got us intrigued. (Don’t you just envy those who live in Hershey, Pennsylvania right now?)


Hershey’s Chocolate World is shaking summer up with a Kit Kat Apple Pie Milkshake

Hershery’s Chocolate World took to Instagram on July 11th to introduce the new Apple Pie Milkshake. However, they didn’t go into the specifics of what exactly is in the pie-tastic milkshake. So we’re just going to try to guess what you can expect when you order the new Apple Pie Milkshake. Hershey’s Chocolate World didn’t fully show the milkshake. Which makes us think that there’s something fantastic hiding at the bottom half of this offering.



The cup features a caramel drizzle and what seems to be an ice cream base. Our bet is that the ice cream base packs some apple and cinnamon flavor. And since no milkshake is ever complete without a mountain of whipped cream, the exclusive Hershey’s Chocolate World offering will come topped with it too. And finally, a caramel drizzle and mini Kit Kat Apple Pie pieces garnish the treat. This apple pie-inspired milkshake is a limited offer. Also, it’s only available in one size and it will set you back $7. Hershey’s Chocolate World sure knows how to make a milkshake that’ll bring everyone to their yard!