This Floating Projection Light Will Turn Your Pool Into A Glowing Aquarium

Swim with colorful fishes in your pool at night with this floating projection light. Just let this innovative device float in the water and watch it project silhouettes of colorful fishes (and a shark). Amazingly, the device automatically floats around the pool to make it look like the school of fish is moving and swimming around the water. As the lamp bounces up and down, you can see the projections also move up and down like they are actually swimming.

This projection light will surely keep your kids and your guests entertained for hours. Ideal for those who love to swim at night, this device instantly adds a flash of color to your pool for outdoor summer fun like no other. You can watch and swim along with the projections as the floating device turns your pool into a mesmerizing aquarium. Perfect for any pool of any size and shape, it projects light images up to 20 feet in diameter that appear on the bottom and sides of the pool.

floating projection light fishes

It operates with 4 AA batteries (not included) stored in a water-tight seal inside the device. This floating projection light features 3 magical light modes. It includes white lights, colored lights and changing color modes. The device measures 7.25 inches by 5.6 inches. Not just for pools, it also works in a kids room to give the space an underwater ambience at night.

rainbow reef aquarium pool light


rainbow reef instant aquarium fishes


floating projection light fish


rainbow reef instant aquarium box

We also found a different version of the projection light, but instead of fishes, this one projects stars. The Stars floating pool light also comes with 3 lighting modes including all lights on, slow transition between lights and quick transition between lights. If you prefer the view of the night sky over the ocean then this one is more suitable for you. Or better yet, get them both so you can switch between the two versions to suit your current mood.

floating projection light stars


rainbow reef instant aquarium stars


rainbow reef aquarium pool light stars

Get the fish pool light here and the stars version here.


Check out the fish projection light in action on the video below