Artist Joshua Davison Creates Colorful 3D Flowers With Layers Of Paint Using A Palette Knife

Flowers have long been a favorite subject for many painters including Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keefe and more. The diverse colors, form and shapes offer infinite possibilities for artists. A 23-year-old artist from New Zealand is giving this conventional art subject a modern twist by creating 3D flowers paintings.

Joshua Davison uses a combination of oil and acrylic paints to produce beautiful flowers. And the three-dimensional feature of the pieces makes each petal appear to pop off of the canvas. He creates each petal with a single palette knife and builds them up in layers on a canvas. He uses precise gradients to represent each petal. Although his three-dimensional blooms began as an exploration of color theory, Davison’s thought process and work has evolved into a study of symmetry, saturation and contrast. And he has honed this process even more to create unique artworks that are incredibly realistic.


This Artist Uses A Single Palette Knife To Create 3D Flowers On A Canvas

Layer by layer, he arranges each petal to produce flowers that appear to protrude from the canvas when viewed from the side. Davison chooses to draw each vibrant bloom on a dark canvas to further highlight the fascinating colors of the petals. Furthermore, the image of a lone flower against an enigmatic dark background is truly mesmerizing.


“This can be likened to the beauty and complexity of a single flower, equally I believe it can portray our wonderful planet coursing through empty space.” Davison said during his recent solo exhibition at Flagstaff Gallery.

Davison’s series of paintings are on view at the Flagstaff Gallery in Flagstaff, New Zealand until July 26th. But, you can always check out his Instagram page to see photos of his stunning floral paintings. So, here are some of his amazing paintings to help you feed the hungry artist in you.

Source: Instagram page