45+ People Share Photos Of Growing Up Together With Their Dogs

Having a pet is such a worthwhile experience. So, fur parents are actually no different from actual parents who enjoy documenting the development and milestones of their “babies.” Well, just like children, puppies can grow up really fast. They’ll turn into full-fledged canines before you even know it. Thanks to camera phones, pet owners can now easily immortalize these precious moments of their dogs growing up.

In fact, some go as far as recreating the shot with their pets to show how much they’ve grown together. These then-and-now photos of dogs and their humans surely prove their unwavering love towards each other. Hopefully, these heartwarming photos showing dogs growing up next to their humans will inspire you to cherish every moment you spend with your pets.


Veterinarian Caring for the Same Dog 15 Years Apart


“My oldest pup turned 8 today. He’s still a Mamma’s boy.”


“Let’s grow up together, friend”


6 Weeks vs. 6 Months


“My boy Lucky was there for my first day of Kindergarten and my Senior portrait”


“I see your ‘one year later’, I give you two years later. (Human for scale)”


Before and After


“3 – 6 – 9 – 12 months with my little girl”


“Here’s my brother’s dog, Moose the Pyrenees, on the day that I brought him home and then a year later. I’m 6’4″ for scale.”


8 Weeks to 8 Months


“I want to sleep on you hooman”


“A yesterday’s post inspired me to do the same. 16 years later…”


Exactly 12 Years Apart


“We are both still in camo 2 years later”


“A year later and she’s still just a big baby”


12 Weeks Apart


“(Before/After) 14 years and a lot of grey hairs later”


“From 1 month to 1 year… he’s gotten a lot weirder but still a perfect boy”


These photos of dogs growing up together with their owners prove that they are indeed man’s best friends


11 Years Apart


“2002-2016, 14 years later and we’re still inseparable even though I’m a grown up and he’s slowing down”


“Growing up together is the best”


Puppy Progression. Golden Doodle Puppy to Brown Bear 9 Months


“Puppy grows into small horse in 9 months..”


“My daughter and our boxer Lily. Taken 2 years apart.”


Before Deployment… After Deployment


“Once the boss, always the boss”


“My wife and Capone.”


Then and Now. Growing up Together


“My little bro and Eli the poodle, on his first and last day of National Guard. 6 years apart.”


“20 years later and still goin’ strong”


Growing Together


“Re-took this picture on NYE with my little brother and his dog, 11 years later”


14 Years Later


“Still a pupper at heart”


“First time they met and now today growing up together as best friends”


14 Years Apart


“Me and my weenie 13 years apart”


“My little brother and his dog Domino 10 years apart.”


A Girl and Her Dog, Three Years Later


“8 weeks to 5 months! The same mummy and the same car, just slightly bigger Winston!”



“Sigurd, 1 year old now!”



“Uh. Someone got small and that’s not me”



From Puppy to Dog


“Almost a year with Koda.”






“Freyja is one today!”