Nine Adorable Sausage Dog Puppies Named After Santa’s Reindeer Are Looking For Their Forever Homes

Just a month ago, RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and District Branch took in a miniature dachshund along with her nine adorable sausage dog puppies. The charity is now working around the clock to take good care of the cute pups. However, the dedicated staff of the charity may need your help to provide the best care for these lovely puppies.

As the dogs came into the charity in the run-up to Christmas, they named the nine puppies after Santa’s famous reindeer. Meet Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, Vixen and Rudolph. The dachshund pups are now six weeks old but they still require special care to ensure their healthy growth. But taking care of nine delicate puppies at once is no easy feat since each requires a lot of care.


These puppies are named after Santa’s reindeer

nine sausage dog puppies rspca


“We have to have one member of staff constantly allocated to these puppies as even the simplest of tasks – such as checking and cleaning their teeth – can take ages with nine wriggly, little puppies.”, RSPCA manager Julie Cockroft said.

How Can You Help The Sausage Dog Puppies?

For this reason, the charity is appealing to the public for help. Either by making donations or by providing any useful items such as food and toys, anyone could lend a helping hand. Aside from food and toys, the puppies will also need some warm, cozy blankets to keep them warm especially during this cold winter season. And of course, financial donations can cover the puppies’ veterinary care and medicines.

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Many people have been calling in asking if the nine puppies are up for adoption. Unfortunately, the pups are too young and are not yet ready to leave the charity care as of the moment.


“We are currently taking applications for these adorable little pups and we’ve been absolutely inundated with responses – with more than 500 coming into us in less than 24 hours, some from as far afield as Thailand,” Cockroft said.

The charity also announced that their mom Olive and two other dogs are available for adoption. But if you’ve really set your eyes on one of the nine sausage dog puppies, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Check out the RSPCA website to see the latest announcements and news regarding the pups.


The Sausage Puppies’ Mom Olive Is Up For Adoption To

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Source: RSPCA