40 Wholesome Photos Of Black Cats That Show They’re Not Bad Luck

Black cats have suffered the consequences of malicious rumors for ages. At first they were thought to attract good fortune for their owners. Then, they were turned into outcasts because certain people thought they were associated with black magic. If you ever paid attention during history class, you’d know how bad it was for black cats their masters during the middle ages. It was during this period that the notion of these black-furred felines being harbingers of misfortune and calamity came to be. Thankfully our attitude towards these dark-colored felines has changed, and they’re getting the love and care they’ve always deserved.

In fact, most of us probably grew up adoring a black cat growing up in the form of Salem from Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Felix The Cat, Binx from Hocus Pocus, the nameless cat from Coraline, Snowball II from The Simpsons, and Catwoman. And did you know that a cat named Blackie is the richest cat in the world after his owner left him a whopping $13 million inheritance in 1988? Talk about attracting good luck! These fashionable felines definitely know how to hold their own, and in honor of their understated charm, we’ve compiled some of the best photos of black kitties in the Internet. Check ‘em out below:

Black cats are literal walking, glossy shadows

“Black Cat”

“My twin black cats that like to sleep mirrored did this position last night.”

“My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

“As I look into the abyss, the abyss looks into me.”

“In most western cultures, black cats are considered a bad omen. But in Scottish lore, the arrival of a strange black cat signifies prosperity.”

“Construction workers put high-visual jacket on black cat so it doesn’t get hurt.”

“This character has not been unlocked yet.”


During the ancient times, Egyptians worshiped cats and treated them like royalty, even the black ones

“Her first swedish winter came as quite the surprise!”

“I heard a noise coming from under the couch and this is what I saw when I looked down.”

Because of their dark color, these cats’ eyes really stand out

“I thought this photo I took of my black cat shows off how amazing their eyes are.”

“PsBattle: Black cat on a bed.”

“It’s Toothless!”

“As I look into the abyss, the abyss looks into me.”


Unfortunately, their reputation was ruined when people started believing that they were associated with black magic

According to historians, the ebony-colored cats’ reputation was marred sometime around the 17th century.  It was around this time that whispers about witchcraft began circulating. The usual victims of these ridiculous rumors were old ladies who kept black cats. Many believed that witches transformed into cats to escape the witch hunt, so a lot of poor innocent cats were harmed during this time. Another insane theory that came about during this period was that the devil himself would emerge from hell in the form of a jet black feline.

“He is not a devil. He is just a cat in flour.”

“PsBattle: This black cat!”

You’ve probably also been taught that when you cross paths with them, something bad will happen to you. In contrast, meeting a white cat usually meant that something good will happen. This belief couldn’t be farther from the truth. See, in the ancient times, cats, regardless of color, were considered to attract good fortune. In fact, Ancient Egyptians even dressed them jewels and sometimes even mummified their pets!  Besides, it’s more important to treat all creatures, no matter what color or species they are, with kindness and respect. Superstitions should no longer have the power to influence the way we treat our cohabitants in this planet.

“Black kitty enjoys some warm ground lighting.”



But how could something this cute be evil?

Like, seriously! Just look at how tiny these kittens are! They’re so precious! So tiny!  How could the people of the Middle Ages look at them and say, “These creatures are evil, alright!”? I require answers! They’re just soft li’l babies, like their other fellow cats! I am at a loss at the sheer idea that people were racists to cats.






They’re just as goofy as their lighter colored counterparts

“A black cat.”

“Jasper and Neil were a little dramatic about their recent vet visit.”


“Gave Jack a bath and now he’s doing the stereotypical black cat thing.”

Frankly the only good thing that I can say about what these poor creatures have gone through is that it elevated them on a pretty iconic status. No Halloween set-up is ever complete without an enigmatic feline wearing a witch’s hat present in the decor somewhere! In addition to them being Halloween icons, black felines have also been featured in many pop culture creations. We’ve got Luna from Sailor Moon, Jiji in Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Scat Cat from The Aristocats, who are, in their own ways, very wonderful characters.


And they look super classy, even when they’re doing funny things

“My wife said she was making tacos for dinner and before I could blink, Obsidian pops out with lightning speed.”


Plus, they’re just as affectionate as any other kitty

“This is what I saw when I woke from my nap.”

 “Give the older shelter kitties a chance. Best hugs ever.”

“My Heart just melted when I saw that in the Subway.”

“Adopted this loaf two months ago! She still loves to rest her head on my hand.”

Who could possibly resist these wide-eyed shadows?


As with all other things, there’s a Facebook Page dedicated to collecting and sharing the cutest photos of these dark-furred felines. The page currently has around 667K fans and over 736K followers. And every single photo they put on their wall always manages to accumulate thousands upon thousands of likes! They share photos of black colored kitties of all ages and sizes. We totally can’t get over how tiny these adorable kittens are! They’re so small that they fit smack right in the middle of our palms!