30 People Have Shared Funny Pet Names They’ve Come Across And They’re Just Too Good

Giving a name to a pet is one of the first important decisions an owner has to make. However, it may not have the same lifetime significance as naming a baby. So you can come up with funny pet names that are silly yet meaningful. Besides, other dogs won’t be making fun of ‘Spark Pug’ or ‘Sherlock Bones’ or whatever silly names you give your pet. You can think of the most hilarious names that will make everyone’s day when you introduce your pet to them.

If you’re tired of the common pet names such as Charlie, Millie, Coco or Daisy then you can be a bit more creative and come up with your own. You can also play with puns if you think it’s funny and cute. Just think of the laughs you’ll get at the vet clinic when the receptionist calls out ‘Chewbarka’ or ‘Burrito’. These funny pet names will also put a smile on the vet’s face.


Funny Pet Names


As a matter of fact, one Twitter user had this experience when she took her two kitties to the vet for a checkup. Juliet Mushens found it so amusing to hear funny pet names being called out at the clinic. A dog named Helmet and a cat named Bilbo are only few of the hilarious names she had heard at the vet. When Mushens shared her entertaining experience on Twitter, people began to pitch in and share their own pet’s silly names. And just like that, the amusing topic became a viral thread.

Mushen’s two British Shorthair cats also have interesting names – Neville and Luna. Now it’s clear that Juliet is also a huge Potterhead just like most of us. And if you’re also a fan of these two Hogwarts students then you may need to choose another names for your pets. Well, considering that the names are already taken and you wish the names to be as unique as possible. How about ‘Longbottom’ and ‘Lovegood’ instead? No? Don’t worry. You’ll certainly get some ideas from our list of funny pet names that we’ve compiled just for you.






























Source: Twitter