Fans Will Be Pleased To Know Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Is Officially Rolling Out To Stores

We’ve first got word last year that Dr Pepper & Cream Soda would be hitting the shelves this 2020. Well, the time has finally come! People have been spotting them on various retailers. And those who got to try them are absolutely loving every sip. We honestly can’t think of a better way to welcome spring than with our favorite soda’s creamy makeover!

Photos of the new drink have already started making rounds on the internet. And it appears that it comes in 16.9-ounce bottles, 20-ounce bottles, as well as 12-ounce cans. On top of that, there’s also a diet variant. So, there’s still a way for you to enjoy it even if you’re cutting down on sugar and calories.



Cream soda is typically a sweet soft drink infused with vanilla. Essentially, it tastes just like an ice cream soda. So, what happens if you mix it with Dr Pepper’s classic cherry taste? Well, the brand describes the result as “a brand-new duet that is sweeter than any other.” And apparently, several Instagram users couldn’t agree more.


If you’re not fond of Dr Pepper’s strong scent and taste, then Dr Pepper & Cream Soda might just be for you

According to @snackgator, it features a “toned-down version” of the soda’s classic taste plus cream soda, without the awkward mix. In addition, the user noted that there’s an aftertaste of a “silky vanilla-y cream soda flavor.” Meanwhile, @i_need_a_snack complimented how the cream soda blended well with the soda’s spicy flavor.

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Dr Pepper has a pretty unique flavor of its own. But it's also not afraid to jazz itself up and get a little funky by adding additional flavors to its own mix. This time, they went pretty classic – cream soda! Dr Pepper + Cream Soda is now out and available (we found it at Kroger)! It's honestly surprisingly perfect. Somehow, they managed to offer the classic Dr Pepper taste in a toned-down version, plus add in the cream soda, without having them mix together awkwardly. In other words- you'll taste both components in one sip, and it's magical! It's like they were meant to be together. The aftertaste is definitely that silky vanilla-y cream soda flavor, and it's awesome! Someone, hurry up and please go grab us some vanilla ice cream, because we desperately need to make floats with this! We give this 2 claws up, for sure! ??

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It’s Review Time! ? Me and the sheep interrupt your regular scheduled Week Of Peeps posting to bring you this newest review! @drpepper is coming into 2020 strong with their newest franken-creation that is bringing two amazing drinks together into one! I present to you, Dr Pepper & Cream Soda! • • Dr pepper, the 125 year old drink with 23 flavors, has officially branched out and added another to their lineup, and it is AMAZING! I spotted this at my local @krogerco and I noticed that this new flavor comes in three different packs: single bottles, 6 pack bottles, and finally 12 pack cans! And for all my healthy fans out there, they also have a diet variation of this new flavor so no need to worry! Now as tradition I did a smell test when I opened up the bottle and I couldn’t really smell the cream soda since the Dr Pepper was so strong but there was a sweet smell that gave it a new scent! Now for the taste, thats where it gets good! The taste on the front end is your traditional Dr Pepper but halfway through the cream soda hits and thats what follows through to the end, giving you a sweet and smooth ending to your drink! The sweet cream soda adds to and pairs so well with the spicy flavor of the original Dr Pepper! Overall this is a wonderful new flavor and I hope and pray it’s not limited edition and it actually sticks around! 8.5/10 ?

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Scoring a bottle of this fizzy drink is also a breeze. Various Instagram users have confirmed that they’re available in quite a number of retailers, including Walmart and Kroger. One user also happened to spot it at her local Fred Meyer store.





So, if you’re a huge Dr Pepper fan, there’s definitely no reason for you to miss out on this creamy collaboration. You can also order yours online from Amazon.or checkout a Walmart.

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