People Reveal What Life Is Like Being Intersex

For those who aren’t aware, to be intersex means that a person was born with atypical biological traits. This means that they have both male and female chromosomes and/or genitals. Most of us know that such people exist, but you don’t often hear the topic being discussed. Here we have a list of people revealing what life is like being intersex. We think it’s important to educate and raise awareness on this subject. Take a look!
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This topic tends to leave people divided. 

We’re sorry that you didn’t get to choose.

Think before you be that person. 

Don’t sell yourself short. Someone out there will view you as the best!

This is so spot on! We see comments like this floating around the internet all the time. 

It’s hard but your mom might surprise you. These wants are normal at your age! 

Life is tough when you struggle to feel accepted, like you don’t belong. 

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Some people don’t desire an intimate relationship. Don’t cut yourself off from the possibility of love and relationships. We wish you the best!

This must have been really confusing growing up. We’re sorry that you are unhappy and we hope for positive things in your future. 

You can’t help but roll your eyes at how uneducated some people are! 

You are right. You shouldn’t, and don’t have to, explain yourself to anyone!

Let us clear things up for you… it’s not your problem. Anyone who says otherwise, ignore! 

Figure out what you feel most comfortable with and go with it.

Being unique doesn’t always feel like a good thing.