Artist Katy Ann Gilmore Creates 3D Optical Illusions That Look Like You Walk Into Them

Imagine seeing a wall that looks like an entrance into another universe. Well, now you can because this visual artist creates immersive 3D optical illusions using only line drawings which bring an illusion of depth and space. So, Los Angeles-based muralist and visual artist Katy Ann Gilmore finds inspiration from architectural constructs. However, unlike most muralists who use colorful spray paints to create stunning three-dimensional murals, Gilmore uses pens and markers to draw simple lines that can construct perspectives.

Gilmore can add new dimensions and perspectives by creating meticulously hand-drawn vanishing points and skewed shapes on walls and corners. The talented artist builds up the images to encourage the viewers to move around in physical space. This movement gives the viewers the experience of constructing their own interpretation of the image through visual phenomena.


3D Optical Illusions Seem To Transform Walls Into Dimensional Portals

So, Gilmore received her BA in Art and Mathematics from Greenville College, Illinois in 2011 and her MFA in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University, California in 2014. By combining art and mathematics she has developed a unique and methodological approach in creating 3D illusions. Inspired by equations, graphs and more she is able to shift the scale by skewing the lines and distorting perpendicular planes.


It seems like many of her pieces use contrasting colors and very detailed patterns.


“I really love taking on a unique space with corners and interesting architectural elements to add new dimensions and perspectives. I also try to accomplish the same thing in my studio work for gallery shows.” the artist said.


Here you can see how awesome her work looks in buildings as well as in galleries.


Sometimes her work doesn’t involve pens as sometimes she uses 3D materials such as rubber cord.–W/


So, lets take a look at some more of her stunning artwork.


Here you can see a larger piece of artwork that is used to cover a building and it really transforms it into something unique.


This a super cool piece because it is over 6ft tall!


Here, we have a close up of the intricate lines. As you can see the colors and pattern create such an amazing illusion.


While this one has lots of twists and turns.


And this one has a cool cut-out section and it really grabs your attention.

Gilmore has worked with prominent companies, for instance she has created artwork for brands like Google, Facebook, Vans, Uber and TrueCar. She was also commissioned by Hermes to complete a store window in Kuwait. Her mind-bending works have been featured in various exhibitions since 2015. And she also creates small-scale 3D illusion drawings that she puts up for sale on her website.

Lastly, we have this cool image where you can see the artist at work.

So, we’ve picked out some of her most impressive optical illusions from her Instagram page to transport your visual senses into another dimension. Don’t forget to follow the artist on Instagram to see her latest creations.

So, what do you think of these intricate and amazing 3D optical illusions? Let us know in the comment section. We don’t know about you but we love each and every piece!

Source: Instagram | Website