You Can Now Get Claw Shoes That Look Just Like Crocs Only Cooler

Love them or hate them, Crocs are the hottest trend in footwear fashion right now. And the latest product to dive into the Crocs craze is the Crocs-inspired Claw Shoes. We are not new to Crocs-inspired merch. There’s the Crocs-inspired handbag and Crocs-inspired bridal shoes to name some few. Even these pair of gloves that looks just like the iconic clog shoe.

We’ve heard a lot of people say that these rubbery clogs are the ugliest footwear in the world. But that ‘ugliness’ contributes to the brand’s uniqueness, making it the center of inspiration (and sometime ridicule) for other products. Surprisingly, the demand for these products continues to soar high. And if you’re one of the devoted fans, you’ll surely love to these Claw Shoes.

crocs-style claw shoes adult pink

The Clawz Shoes feature a fierce-looking design rubber clogs that will turn your feet into a pair of monster claws. With bulky toes and pointy toenails, these shoes are perfect for casual wear, as a gag gift, or whenever you feel like showing off your ferocious side. These Claw Shoes are made from odor-resistant rubber material that is extremely durable yet feels squishy soft. It features air vents on each side and safety traps, the signature features of the Crocs brand. Plus, it has a padded heel support for maximum comfort and full flex.


crocs-style claw shoes kid pink


crocs-style claw shoes clawz

The Claw Shoes are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. But as of the moment, the Adult size is only available in colors pink and white while the Kids size is only available in pink color. Adult size comes in two options – 6 women/4 men and 7 women/6 men while the Kids size comes in 2-3 little kid and C11/12.

One happy customer wrote:

“These are our sons’ second pair. They live in them during the summer. They appreciate the wide toe box and the compliments.”

crocs-style claw shoes adult white



Get the Clawz Shoes here and the kids version here.