Spend A Spooky Night In The Addams Family Mansion This Halloween

In addition to Nightmare Before Christmas’ crew, the Addams Family are also among the iconic spooky-funny personalities of all time. We know that Halloween parties are never complete without seeing someone dressed up as one of the Addams. In fact, most of us had probably spent our childhoods following their hit TV series and movies. Likewise, living in their creepy and kooky mansion was likely once part of your childhood dreams. If so, we’ve got amazing news for you. Booking.com is offering four overnight stays at a spooktacular Addams Family mansion replica during the Halloween week. This is line with the latest animated Addams Family movie that has recently hit the cinemas.

Addams Family Animated Movie Mansion Facade
Universal Pictures

The replica mansion is located in New York, Brooklyn’s historic Clinton Hill. It’s a 19th-century era townhouse that measures 3,700 square feet and comes with three bedrooms. That said, it can perfectly accommodate up to four adults. Of course, children can also stay. If you’re a family of four, why not take the experience to the next level? Dress up as Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley, and recreate your own version of The Addams Family.

The mansion features a lovely facade that looks nothing much like the Addams’ eerie residence. But don’t let its charming and welcoming appearance fool you. It’s what lies inside that would certainly chill its visitors to the bones. Nonetheless, we’re sure that it wouldn’t fail to delight any hardcore Addams Family fan out there.

Addams Family Mansion Facade

First off, the living room boasts of a gothic interior adorned with bizarre furniture pieces. Plus, who could ever forget about Bruno and Cleopatra? Fans would totally be thrilled to find the family’s polar-bear rug and Morticia’s carnivorous plant chilling in the mansion’s lounge.

Addams Family Mansion Living Room

Moving on to Gomez and Morticia’s master bedroom, one can find a Victorian era-inspired king-size bed. Watch your steps though because snakes are all over the room’s floor! But don’t worry, they’re just fake… probably. To add a bit of horror and humor, the room also includes a ball and chain and slightly wrecked blinds.

Addams Family Mansion Gomez and Morticia's Bedroom

As for the kids’ bedrooms, Wednesday’s room comes with a twin bed with a guillotine-inspired frame. Meanwhile, Pugsley’s room houses a queen-size bed. Expect to find some macabre toys you would not wish to find in a child’s room. Some of these include a beheaded doll, a bear trap, an Ouija board, and a handful of explosives.

Addams Family Wednesday's Bedroom


Addams Family Pugsley's Bedroom

More surprises await guests aside from experiencing a day in the life of the Addams. The accommodation package also includes a complimentary screening of the film, spooky treats, branded amenities, and more.

If you’re planning to book the space for Halloween, mark your calendars as early as now. Reservations will open on October 28 at exactly 12 noon EST. Do note that the overnight stays are only applicable from October 29 to November 1. See the full listing here.