Crocs-Inspired Bridal Shoes Are Now A Thing

So, you think Crocs is done and finished? Well, think again. Recently, the Colorado-based shoe company teamed up with Japanese clothing brand Beams to bring us Crocs X Beams collection. The collaboration features a line of Crocs signature clog shoes with unusual accessories such as fanny packs, fringes and visors. Crocs brand never fails to amaze us with its new innovative footwear designs. So, it’s not actually surprising to see other brands getting inspiration from this iconic footwear. Even handbags are getting the Crocs treatment as we speak. But here’s another thing – a Crocs-inspired bridal shoes. Yes, you read it right. Bridal Crocs really do exist for those Crocs-fanatic brides-to-be.

crocs-inspired bridal shoes

You might be asking, “but why would a bride wear Crocs on her wedding?” Well, why not?   Every bride who has worn killer heels before would attest to the pain and discomfort (plus the blisters). If you want to save yourself from this nightmare, ditch the high heels and go for a more comfortable option. And when it comes to comfort, nothing speaks louder than Crocs. It’s coming together now, right? Bridal Crocs can make your wedding day a breeze. You can stand for long hours, move freely from one table to another, less the pain and blisters.

slip-on bridal shoes


bridal crocs princess pumps


bridal crocs sequin crystals


bridal crocs etsy

In order to make the Bridal Crocs fit for a gorgeous bride, the comfy footwear is overlaid with sequin crystals. Each pair comes in delicate colors to match and complement any bridal gown. Of course, public opinion matters so here’s a proof of how well-received it is.

These sparkling Bridal Crocs are available on Etsy. Make your wedding day memorable and comfortable with these affordable yet stylish bridal Crocs.

Source: Princess Pumps | Etsy