Crocs-Inspired Handbags Are A Thing And People Have Mixed Feelings

In the footwear industry, no other shoe brand has received more backlash and scrutiny than Crocs shoes. Everyone has their own opinion about this rather outlandish footwear. While some people appreciate the uniqueness of the style, others don’t seem to approve its ‘distasteful’ design. And yet there’s no denying the consistent trend it creates for the past few years. Now, it seems like the popular brand has inspired other merchandise as well. Crocs-inspired stilettos became a hot item last year. But 2019 appears to offer something unrelated to footwear. This year, Crocs-inspired handbags will be taking over.

optari crocs-inspired handbags


optari sole tote bag

Optari Sol Totes, Crocs-inspired handbags that feature the same rubber material that those Crocs shoes. And the handbags also have the iconic holes that gave Crocs its signature design. These Crocs-inspired handbags can also be decorated with Fobbz Charms, Optari’s version of Croc’s Jibbitz Charms. You can buy the Fobbz Charms separately on Amazon. Choose from a wide range of charm designs to suit your mood. From butterflies and flowers to peace symbols and flameballs, these accessories allow you to customize your tote.

Fobbz Charms to customize your Optari tote bag

fobbz charms butterfly


fobbz charms flower


optari fobbz charms peace symbol


fobbz charms soccer flame ball

Optari’s Crocs-inspired handbags are available in two sizes – small (10.75in x 4.25in x 9in) and large (14in x 6in x 12in). You can choose from six different colors – black, blue, Caribbean, green, purple, and pink.

optari crocs-inspired tote bags


optari crocs-inspired handbags pink


crocs-inspired handbags flower fobbz

As a tote bag, it provides sufficient interior space to keep plenty of your stuff. It is made of lightweight EVA material that feels light yet durable. In other words, its functionality as a handbag is very satisfactory as proven by its 4.4 star rating on Amazon. When it comes to design, the public still has separate opinions. Despite the product’s overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon, there are still those who are not a fan of it.
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Here are some hilarious reactions about the handbags

crocs-inspired handbags comment vanessa


crocs-inspired handbags comment sponge


crocs-inspired handbags comment barbara


crocs-inspired handbags comment karin


crocs-inspired handbags comment eat liver


crocs-inspired handbags comment jeanice

Get your crocs-inspired handbag today!

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