There’s A ‘Murder Mittens’ Group That Features Cats Showing Off Their Claws

You may not know it but there’s a Reddit group called Murder Mittens. This particular subreddit is dedicated to showcasing adorable felines showing off their scarily cute claws. We love everything about cats and this also includes, not just their endearing nature, but also their nasty sides. One of their not-so-pleasant behaviors is excessive scratching. Some cats scratch as a form of social play while others manifest this behavior as a sign of aggression. This feline behavior is indeed frustrating as they sometimes end up damaging our furniture. Not to mention, getting a cat-scratch wound is excruciatingly painful.

But nonetheless, having sharp claws and scratching behavior are a part of feline nature. So, you’ll need to deal with this behavior if you intend to have a feline companion. Owners need to understand that cats are biologically designed as wild hunters. Cats have naturally sharp, retractable claws that allow them to hunt and climb trees. Furthermore, they also use their claws to mark their territories by scratching. Instead of getting rid of this innate attribute, many cat owners prefer to just accept it and even flaunt it. And if you want to do the same, this Reddit community is the perfect place for you.


There’s An Online Community Where People Share Photos Of Their Cats Showing Their Claws

murder mittens little murderer cute kitten

The page currently has over 142k members. There you can find a vast collection of photos of cats showing off their claws. Cat owners are invited to join the group and anyone can share photos of their kitties as long as their claws are showing. Besides, that’s what the page is all about. However, there are certain rules that members have to follow. There should be no text over the images, no gory content and no cat harassment involved. We’ve picked out the cutest and scariest photos from the page. So, get ready to be murdered by the cuteness of these adorable cattos.


“Black Panther Sequel”

murder mittens cute kitten claws


“Illegally Tiny And Adorable Murder Mittens”

cute black kitten with sharp claws


“Ah Yes. The Deadly Grip Of The Void Itself”

black cat deadly grip murder mittens


Cats sharpen their claws by scratching

Cats have flexor tendons in their toes that extend their claws out. These tendons expand and contract when a cat wants to extend and retract their claws. Hence, their claws usually don’t touch the ground and they don’t wear out as dogs typically do. This is why it is necessary for them to sharpen their claws by means of scratching. This practice can cause damage on furniture, as most cat owners are aware of. One of the most effective ways to save your furniture from their ruthless scratches is to get them a scratching post. This would help lure them away from your furniture.


“My Favourite Baby Photo Of Him”

murder mittens kitten claws


“Also Very Smol”

ferocious small kitten

Now, you might be wondering if it’s safe to trim your cat’s claws. If your indoor cat still damages your furniture despite giving it a scratching post, you may opt to trim the nails. Take note that trimming and declawing are entirely different things. Trimming involves clipping off just the tip of the claw while declawing involves cutting off a bone segment attached to the claw. Trimming should be safe as long as you do it properly. Declawing, on the other hand, is an extremely painful procedure which is considered barbaric and inhumane.


When Sharp Claws Aren’t Enough

cat holding a knife


“Murder Mitten And A Tooth For Good Measure.”

cat shows off claws and tooth


“Press On The Beans And You Get The Means…”

pressing on cat paw bean

As cats age, they become less active and they tend to scratch less frequently than before. Because they weren’t able to sharpen their claws like they used to, their nails can get longer, curve and penetrate into their pads. This may result in infection so then trimming becomes essential.


Teeniest Murder Mitts

tiniest murder mittens



sphynx cat shows off paws


“Baby Bella’s Lunch Time. One Month Old And Rescued From The Trash. Direct Descendant Of Toothless”

claw kitten holding a bottle

Only use an appropriate claw clipper when trimming their nails. Hold the paw between your thumb and your index finger then clip the tip of the nail. Make sure to avoid cutting the quick or the pink part of the claw. The pink stripe at the base of the nail contains blood vessels and nerves. Cutting this part would lead to bleeding and potential infection. Not to mention, this would bring pain and discomfort for your kitty.


“Mama Lynx With 7 Cubs. Hmm… 8×4=32 Murder Mittens!”

lynx cat family on the porch



murder mittens feline wolverine


“Very Unique”

sphynx kitten shows off claws

Declawing ensures that a cat’s claws are permanently removed. However, this procedure requires painful surgery which can potentially cause abscesses and paw pad atrophy. Owners need to understand that claws help cats with balance as these keep them stable as they walk. Removing their nails entirely throws them off balance. And since they can no longer walk properly, this may lead to muscle degeneration which will later result to chronic issues as they get older.


“Like A Godly Hand”

cat claws ripping through a fabric


“Bebe Precioso!!!!!”

gray kitty murder mittens


“Someone’s Ready For Dinner”

ferocious black cat shows off claws

Moreover, declawing can cause behavioral issues with your feline pet. As we explained earlier, the claws are a vital part of their well-being. Put yourself in their paws shoes and imagine yourself waking up one day with a part of your body removed. Keep in mind that there are better alternatives to keep your kitties from damaging your furniture.


“Stretching The Mittens”

stretching cat with sharp claws


“Smol Floofy Murder Mitts”

wide eyed fluffy cat with sharp claws



black cat murder mittens


“As I Was Leaving Work My Coworkers Told Me I Had A Cat In My Trucks Engine Bay. Meet Fjord The Mighty Huntress.”

stray kitten with sharp claws


“Yoshi, The Panther”

panther like claws black cat


“Fear Me Hoomans”

kitten murder mittens


“Gus Just Moved In, He’s Making Sure We Know He’s The Boss Now.”

new cat with sharp claws is the boss


“She Looked Familiar…”

domestic cat and wild feline resemblance


“My Cat Had Kittens. Here Are All 3 Of Them!”

kittens murder mittens


“Touch Tha Chockamachip Cookee”

cat with sharp claws is a cookie thief


“Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Go To The Bathroom! (Bandit Strikes Again!)”

cat claws stuck in sock



murder mittens hiding in the drawer


“He Attac”

innocent-looking cat with ferocious claws


“Teeny Tiny Vicious”

tiny vicious murder mittens


“How I Am Greeted When I Get Home Every Day”

cat with sharp claws holds onto owner leg


“I Can’t Ever Go To The Bathroom In Peace.”

cat with murder mittens trying to come in bathroom


“action MM’s”

cat with murder mittens jumps high


“Scalp Massage”

cat with sharp claws giving scalp massage


“What Are Thooooose?”

taking a selfie with murder mittens


“Murder Mittens Used To Beg For His Wet Food. He Wants Us To Know He Could Rip Us Apart If We Neglect To Feed Him.”

cat with sharp claws asking for food


“I’m Slightly Terrified”

cat sharp claws emerging under the door


“Out In Full Force This Morning!”

cat all claws out this morning