Meet ‘Kokoro’ – A Fluffy Poodle That’s Gaining Fame For His Human-Like Expressions

Oreo Cloud, Chowder, Qoo and Riku: what do these internet sensations have in common? All these cute dogs are furry and friendly. Now there’s another fluffy poodle who is taking the internet by storm, not only for his fluffiness but also for his human-like expressions. Kokoro, an adorable toy poodle from Japan, became an internet star when photos of him circulated over social media. Right after Twitter user Hisoka shared photos of the puppy, the post went viral and people instantly fell in love with the adorable pooch.

So, it turns out that the pup’s name is Kokoro and he actually has an Instagram page. When Hisoka stumbled upon Kokoro on Instagram, he thought the entire world deserved to see this amazing ball of fluff. And that’s how people discovered the adorable dog on the internet. His official Instagram page has over 146k followers as of this writing and still counting.


Meet Kokoro, The Fluffy Poodle Who Is Going Viral For His Human-Like Expressions

Kokoro is a toy poodle, a canine breed known for its profuse, curly coat. These tiny dogs also make great pets since they are intelligent, energetic and affectionate. Toy poodles are actually the smallest version of the poodle breed, making them the cutest of their kind. But what makes Kokoro unique from other toy poodles is his human-like expressions.

So, on the photos shared by Hisoka, you can see Kokoro sitting on the floor as if candidly contemplating about life. When he turns around to see the camera, he began to smile as if he was caught red-handed. People were astonished as to how his facial expressions were so similar to that of humans. Some people even noticed his striking likeness to Bob Ross, the famous painter known for his lively personality and soft halo of permed hair. Others also compared the poodle to the Ewoks, furry species that appear in the Star Wars universe.

So, Let’s Take A Look At Some Of His Cutest Photos!


The Pup Is Giving Us Bob Ross Vibes In This Photo! We Can Really See The Resemblance.


While In This Photo The Poodle Is Having A Meal For One. How Cute?!

okoro, which means ‘heart’ in English, is accurately melting the hearts of the internet. If you can’t get enough of this poodle, you may follow him on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest photos.


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