15 Kids Who Are Unable To Cope With Their Current Situation


Kids, especially the little ones, are capable of the most incredible mood swings. One minute it's all sunshine and giggles, and the next, their faces are contorted in a dramatic portrayal of an extreme amount of negative emotion. Children are super sensitive, meaning that anything from the sound of a balloon popping, to the sight of Santa Claus, can set them off! It's best to always regard your young offspring as something potentially explosive, because you never know when the waterworks will suddenly be switched on! The kids pictured below are prime examples! Check them out!


Are you telling us that you don't like pizza?


Who's idea was it to visit the animal park?!


This one kid who doesn't like bunnies!


Poor thing tried to eat a banana skin!


Dinner is just not as fun as gymnastics.



Mommy bought the wrong type of yoghurt… cue the waterworks!


The pure terror on this kid's face!




She's not a 'Belieber' then…


North West isn't having any of it!



Oh no, we're sure he found it not long after, though!


Miley Cyrus causing this emotion!



Welcome to the new addition, not!


What happened here then!?


What an evil older sister.

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