These Office Nap Chairs Are Helping Workers With Their Mid-Day Slumps

Just when you thought you can get through the day at the office, then here comes the much-dreaded mid-day slump. It’s actually impossible to maintain your energy and focus for straight 8 hours. Taking a cup of coffee could help beat the afternoon doldrums. But sometimes, even a dose of caffeine is not enough to kick us back in action. During coffee break, what we really need is not coffee but a relaxing nap. But the sad truth is, taking a nap at the office isn’t as easy as it sounds. At the office, there’s no place to lie down and make yourself comfortable. Of course, your boss probably designed the workplace that way to prevent you from slumping. Now, how about getting yourself an office nap chair?

leather office chair


This adjustable reclining office nap chair features pneumatic adjustment system that enables the high-back to recline virtually flat. It also allows you to position the adjustable back in any angle to suit your comfort. Furthermore, this office nap chair comes with an adjustable footrest for a more comfy afternoon siesta. It won’t take up much space because each unit comes at a relatively average size. But the seat is sufficiently large to allow you to move freely or turn sides whenever you want. It features durable black faux leather upholstery for long-lasting comfort. When siesta is over and it’s time to get back to work, you can easily set it back into an executive chair.


fully recline office chair

office nap chair


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