Beautiful 3D Embroidery Uses Thread to Mimic Gorgeous Hair

Embroidery has come a long way from being just a mere hobby to an exquisite work of art. Today, there are plenty of modern textile artists featuring their own distinctive form of embroidery.  But this is probably the first time you’ve heard about 3D hair embroidery. Bernita Broderie is pushing this contemporary art of embroidery which involves the clever use of threads to resemble gorgeous hair.

The brilliant French embroidery artist intricately stitches colored yarns into cotton fabric to render realistic, flowing hair. Most of her works emphasize different hairstyles adorning the silhouettes of female figures. Her masterpieces also include textile strands for the garment and flower accessories for the hair. But the center of attention is certainly the alluring hairstyles that jump off the hoop.

3d hair embroidery

Broderie’s 3D hair embroidery presents various hairstyles ranging from flowing waves to stylish updos and chic braids. They are fascinating to look at but it actually requires skills, patience, and time to complete a piece. Broderie reveals her passion in artistic processes since she was a kid. She has been into embroidery for quite some time but she started mastering 3D hair embroidery just over a year ago. Now, she has totally fallen in love with the craft and her work collections are clear manifestations of that. “I deeply enjoy working with fabrics, needle and threads,” she says. “I can’t sleep at nights without creating something new.”

Embroidery artist Bernita Broderie stitches cotton threads to resemble realistic hairstyle on a a female figure silhouette

bernita broderie embroidery red locks


3d hair embroidery updo flower accessories


3d hair embroidery blue garment


3d embroidery hairstyles


3d hair embroidery pearls


3d embroidery updo flowing


3d embroidery braids


bernita broderie 3d hair embroidery


3d embroidery side ponytail


3d embroidery updo hairstyle


3d hair embroidery simple updo


3d hair embroidery flowing waves


3d hair embroidery plain silhouettes


3d hair embroidery blonde braids


3d hair embroidery flowing braids


3d hair embroidery updo


3d embroidery natural locks


3d embroidery elegant updo


3d hair embroidery updo blue buttons


3d hair emrboidery red brown


3d hair embroidery short long


3d hair embroidery blonde

Check out her Instagram page to see more of her works. If you want to buy her 3D hair embroidery pieces, visit her Etsy shop and place your orders now.


Source: Instagram | Etsy