Elderly Laundromat Owners Do Fashion Shoots With Clothes Long Left Behind By People

We’re all probably guilty of poking fun at our grandparents’ struggles to keep up with the modern world. However, that might not be the case for this elderly couple who is making waves online for their rather chic and contemporary fashion sense. Taiwanese laundromat owners, 84-year-old Wan-ji and his wife 85-year-old Sho-er, are taking Instagram by storm with their stylish outfits courtesy of forgetful customers.

Rocking streetwear to smart casual outfits, this octogenarian couple proves that style indeed knows no limits. Pairing sneakers with pencil skirts and chino pants, and matching trendy tops with bucket hats, every outfit is undeniably runway ready. But what’s even worth commending is that each ensemble is a clever mix and match of decades worth of pieces left behind by customers.

Going by the handle @wantshowasyoung, the couple’s Instagram account showcases their interesting take on upcycling abandoned clothes as well their impressive posing skills. And the creative mind behind this playful concept? It’s none other than the couple’s grandson, Reef.


This elderly couple proves that fashion has no age limits, as they mix and match abandoned clothes from their laundromat

As with many companies, the pandemic has also slowed down the couple’s laundry business. This prompted Reef to come up with the idea of styling his grandparents in hopes of lifting their spirits and spending more time with them. By doing so, he also aims to convey that style has no age limits and that even old clothes can still be fashionable.

The laundromat has been operating for over 70 years now since Wan-ji was 14 years old. So, one can only imagine the amount of abandoned clothes that they have accumulated over the past decades. And while the couple has already donated hundreds of pieces to charities, they’re still left with a few ones. Luckily, their grandson has come up with a brilliant way to repurpose these old clothes.

With over 650K followers to date, it goes without saying that the stylish pair is truly #couplegoals! Aside from serving fashion inspirations, the page also reminds everyone to pick up their laundry.



Source: Instagram | Website