Creating A Unique Twist On House Design, ‘The Blue House’ ‘Fuses’ Together With Its Swimming Pool

Breathtaking infinity pools definitely takes leisure swimming to a whole new level, or to a greater heights to be precise. But here’s one particular pool design that you’ve never seen before. This is not your typical infinity pool on top of a skyscraper. But rather, this pool is built as an integral part of the house. We invite you to take a tour into the Blue House and let your imagination plunge into its impressive rooftop pool.

AntiReality, a concept architecture-design collective, releases another imaginative design to add to their collection of futuristic concepts. The Blue House features a modern house set on the side of a huge seaside rock. The house itself seems to be hanging from the rock as two curved bases served as its support. Just like their other cutting-edge concept houses, the Blue House is a visualization that clearly defies our sense of reality. But the most eye-catching feature of the Blue House is the semi-circular pool on the rooftop.


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antireality blue house poolhouse layout


antireality blue house poolhouse concept

While most swimming pools are located either outside or inside of the house, AntiReality made it so the pool becomes a part of the house. Underneath is the living space where residents can look straight underwater through a huge plexiglass wall. Imagine a house with an enormous fish tank, only it’s not a fish tank but an infinity pool. A circular staircase leads to the rooftop where the pool deck, terrace, and infinity pool are located.

antireality blue house poolhouse circular staircase


antireality blue house poolhouse plexiglass wall

The Blue House is still a concept house which means that it’s only a design-visualization and it doesn’t exist yet. But if you ever plan to follow this poolhouse design, building it on a seaside cliff would be the best option. That would certainly optimize the effect of the infinity pool as you gaze upon the ocean horizon. However, if you don’t have the nerve to live on a hanging house on a cliff, you can also opt to build it in the middle of a forest. Being surrounded by thick, green trees while you swim would be totally relaxing.


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