35 Creative Gift Ideas For Those Struggling To Buy For Others

Christmas is the season of gift-giving. But as much as we love shopping for gifts, we hate dealing with the holiday rush. That’s why we recommend starting the gift hunt for your family and friends as early as now. And if you’re looking for creative gift ideas that will certainly impress your loved ones, then head over to Etsy.

This online marketplace is literally full of unique and awesome handmade items that are perfect for gift-giving. Aside from exceptional finds, it also allows you to enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home. More importantly, you get to support small business owners and independent artists from all over the world. So, it’s a win-win situation overall.


Starry Sky Stoneware Planter

Measuring 3.3 inches in diameter and 3.2 inches in height, this planter is perfect for succulents and other small plants. It even comes with a saucer to catch excess water draining from the planter.

creative gift ideas starry sky stoneware succulent planter by roraimanursery
Get it here | RoraimaNursery


Hanging Wall Vase

Looking for a delightful housewarming gift? Then you might want to consider this heart-shaped hanging wall vase. It comes with optional artificial flowers and eucalyptus too!

creative gift ideas hanging wall vase by prettypotterybytrudi
Get it here | prettypotterybytrudi


Hanging Planter on a Swing

Judging by its appearance alone, we’re sure that this hanging planter on a swing will put a smile on anyone’s face!

creative gift ideas hanging planter on swing by ceramicsense
Get it here | CeramicSense


Concrete Planter with Steel Legs

Fulfil your loved ones’ dream of cultivating an indoor jungle by giving them one of these chic concrete planters.

creative gift ideas concrete planter with steel legs by purplejungleco
Get it here | PurpleJungleCo


Contemporary Ceramic Vases

Perfect for the modern home, these contemporary ceramic vases can pass as a work of art.

creative gift ideas off white ceramic vases by thecollectorsedit
Get it here | TheCollectorsEdit


3D-Printed Polyface Planter

Help the plant parent in your life keep an eye on their plant babies with these 3D-printed Polyface planters. No pun intended.

creative gift ideas 3d printed polyface planter by printerror
Get it here | PRINTERROR

From quirky novelty items, bespoke accessories, to one-of-a-kind home décor, you’re sure to find one that will pique your interest. However, if you don’t have the time to browse through the sea of listings there, then consider this your lucky day. We’ve already done you the favour of picking out 35 creative gift ideas for a variety of recipients.


Looking for creative gift ideas for your loved ones? Here are our top picks from Etsy!


Whale Salad Servers

Make eating veggies more exciting for both your salad-loving and non-salad-loving friends with these adorable wooden whale salad servers! Aww, just look at the smile on their faces!

creative gift ideas whale salad servers by peiwoodenspoon
Get it here | PEIWoodenSpoon


Hand-painted Ceramic Teapot

A teapot is always a great gift idea for tea lovers—more so if it features charming hand-painted floral details on it!

creative gift ideas hand painted ceramic teapot by roootreee
Get it here | roootreee


Animal Print Tray

You can also find gifts for toddlers on Etsy, including this cute animal print tray!

creative gift ideas animal print tray by jamesbarkerdraws
Get it here | JamesBarkerDraws


Ceramic Mug

This lovely ceramic mug is perfect for those who really take the time to enjoy their morning coffee.

creative gift ideas ceramic mug by noarceramics
Get it here | NoarCeramics


Matryoshka-engraved Rolling Pin

Know a Matryoshka doll collector? This rolling pin definitely deserves a spot in their collection!

creative gift ideas matryoshka engraved rolling pin by moodforwood
Get it here | MoodForWood


Nordic Tea Towel

Featuring abstract shapes in bright hues, this nordic tea towel is a great way to effortlessly spruce up the kitchen!

creative gift ideas nordic tea towel by softerandwild
Get it here | SofterandWild

So, whether you’re shopping for an artsy relative, a foodie friend or a plant-loving partner, we’ve got you covered in this post. Keep scrolling down to find out some of the unique items you can buy on Etsy. Happy shopping!


Fox Scarf Knitting Pattern

We’ve all got that one friend who loves to DIY almost everything. So, why not surprise him or her with this fox scarf knitting pattern this Christmas?

creative gift ideas fox scarf knitting pattern by ninafuehrer
Get it here | NINAFUEHRER


White Sheep Ceramic Yarn Bowl and Bamboo Needles Set

To make their knitting projects hassle-free, do them a favour and give them this adorable yarn bowl and needles set!

creative gift ideas white sheep ceramic yarn bowl and bamboo needles set by barruntandoceramics
Get it here | BarruntandoCeramics


Weaving Loom Kit

This is a wonderful gift for anyone who’s looking to take on a weaving project but doesn’t know where to start.

creative gift ideas weaving loom kit by handiworkyourlove
Get it here | Handiworkyourlove


DIY Embroidered Hat Kit

If they’re more into sewing, then you can also get them one of these DIY embroidered hat kits.

creative gift ideas diy embroidered hat kit by riverbirchthreads
Get it here | RiverBirchThreads


Sea Turtle Ceramic Palette and Brush Rest

How about this cute ceramic palette and brush rest duo for your loved ones who love to paint?

creative gift ideas sea turtle ceramic palette and brush rest by tramaiceramics
Get it here | TramaiCeramics


Polka Dot Fabric Necklace

This polka dot fabric necklace is perfect for your friend who loves to accessorize!

creative gift ideas polka dot fabric necklace by cornishhomemade
Get it here | cornishhomemade


Silk Watercolor Faces Scarf

Without a doubt, this silk scarf is stunning wearable artwork.

creative gift ideas silk watercolor scarf by noemiah
Get it here | noemiah


Fern Violet Crew Socks

Made of 73% cotton, 9% nylon and 18% spandex, these socks are equally comfortable and fun!

creative gift ideas fern violet crew socks by yusquare
Get it here | YuSquare


Rainbow Butterfly Hair Clips

Know someone obsessed with all things colorful and whimsical? Then these rainbow butterfly hair clips are perfect for them! These clips come in a set of 14, so they’re enough to make a wonderful headdress!

creative gift ideas rainbow butterfly hair clips by wildandfreejewelry
Get it here | wildandfreejewelry


Daisy Beaded Choker Necklace

Beaded choker necklaces are making a comeback! So, if you know someone who still can’t get over this trend, then you know where to get them this Christmas.

creative gift ideas daisy beaded chocker necklace by designedbyemilyann
Get it here | designedbyEmilyAnn


“If You’re Looking for a Sign, This is It” Enamel Pin

Inspire your loved ones to finally do something that they’ve been putting off for the longest time with this rose gold-plated pin.

if you're looking for a sign this is it rose gold plated enamel pin by sparrowandwolfshop
Get it here | sparrowandwolfshop


Ceramic Crystal-inspired Ring Holder

Perfect for someone who keeps misplacing their precious rings!

ceramic crystal ring holder by modernmud
Get it here | ModernMud


Macrame Wall Hanging

Another awesome housewarming gift idea for anyone who’s into rustic and boho interior décor.

macrame wall hanging by cottonriver
Get it here | CottonRiver


Bath Bomb Set

Something that will encourage a relaxing “me-time” is definitely one of the best gifts for a loved one.

bath bomb set by laurabotanicals
Get it here | LauraBotanicals


“Good at Naps” Blanket

For that family member or friend whose talents include napping… anytime, anywhere.

good at naps blanket by calhounandco
Get it here | CalhounAndCo


Caladium Leaf Pillow

A thoughtful gift for your favorite plant parent!

caladium leaf pillow by enjoypillows
Get it here | Enjoypillows


Llama Metal Bookends

Know someone who loves both llamas and books? Congratulations, you’ve just found the perfect gift for them!

llama metal bookends by designatelierarticle
Get it here | DesignAtelierArticle


Geometric Pencil Holder

A thoughtful gift for someone with an inexplicably massive collection of pens.

geometric pencil holder by designlioness
Get it here | DesignLioness


Meanwhile, here are more creative gift ideas for the responsible fur parents in your life!


Pet Magnets

pet magnets by kitatlas
Get it here | KitAtlas


Temporary Cat Tattoos

temporary cat tattoos by katebroughton
Get it here | katebroughton


Pitbull with a Flower Crown Necklace

pitbull flower necklace by jtopolski
Get it here | jtopolski


Dachshund Coaster Set

dachshund coaster set by madebyharriet
Get it here | madebyharriet


Wooden Cat Figurines

wooden cat figurines by doooba
Get it here | Doooba