This Simple Yet Incredibly Useful Food Clamp Helps Toddlers Learn To Eat Foods Like Sandwiches

Help your toddlers take easy bites out of whole foods with this food clamp. When infants turn to toddlers, their diet also changes. By the time they reach 8 or 9 months of age, you can finally introduce solid foods into their diet. From soft baby foods, toddlers are transitioning to eat whole foods such as sandwiches, pancakes, and waffles. More importantly, toddlers will begin to learn how to hold their own food without you spoon-feeding them. Of course, development doesn’t come overnight. And it would take time before they could properly hold their food and eat on their own.

If you’re a parent, you’re probably aware of the mess your toddlers make when they try to hold their food. Give them a sandwich and they’ll quickly tear it apart before they could even take a bite. This is only natural as toddlers are just starting to learn how to hold onto their food. However, having their sandwich broken up into pieces could also discourage them. Chances are, they’ll end up asking you to feed it to them instead. And it would be back to spoon-feeding once again. It is for this reason that this food clamp was designed and created.

sandwich clamp toddler eating utensil

This ingenious toddler eating utensil features a clamp-like design that holds whole foods in place. It works with sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, even pizza and burritos if you’re not into healthy lifestyle. But hey, a small slice of pizza once in a while won’t harm your toddler, right? Simply squeeze the clamp levers at the bottom and insert the food between the clamp arms. Gently release the lever to let the clamp hold the food softly yet firmly. It is designed to hold food without putting too much force that may tear it apart.

tot tools sandwich clamp


tot tools toddler eating utensil


sandwich clamp stands up


tot tools whole food holder

Additionally, this sandwich clamp has two easy-grip handles that your little tot can easily grab on while they’re eating. The handles also serve as the base that allow the utensil to stand up for easy handling. Ideal for children 12 months and older, this genius utensil can promote self-feeding as it also provides a great way for toddlers to learn to eat whole foods. One satisfied customer wrote:

“My 2 year old picky eater loves this utensil! She eats sandwiches, waffles, pizza, and even puts meat in there sometimes. It is a great way to get her to have fun exploring new foods.”

sandwich holder

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