25 of The Funniest Christmas Gifts People Received In The Past

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Whether it’s from Santa or not, the joy of unwrapping presents is incomparable. But, not everybody gets what they expect. We at Awesome Inventions made a list of the funniest Christmas gifts people got in 2017 – from a blanket with the receiver’s face on it to 100 gifts worth $1 each, this list will definitely make you LOL.

What’s the weirdest Christmas gift you received? Share it with us in the comments below.

Husband wanted an apple watch, and the wife delivered.


Wanted a Taylor acoustic guitar and this is what I got.


My brother jokingly told our grandma he wants 100 gifts from the dollar store for Christmas. Wish granted. Ain’t she the best?


So my brother loves to pull pranks when giving gifts.


This boy wanted an Xbox 360 and this is what he got. Pretty neat, right?


Gift wrapping is serious business.


So my son wanted a Beats headphone for Christmas… and this is what he got.


Hubby wanted a Kindle. So I gave him a Ken doll… then a Kindle.


Given 12 years later – too late to be used.


What my sister-in-law received for Christmas.


When parents inspect your gifts…


My parents subtle way of saying I should move out.


Creativity at its finest.

Gave my dad a blanket with my face on it so he’ll always remember me.

My brother gave me this. My world crashed upon opening it.

There’s nothing better than a personalized calendar for Christmas.

This was supposed to be a collage blanket of me, but they sent another family’s blanket. Gave it to her anyway.

Mom asked me to buy her Christmas gift. Sweet right?

Can’t afford to buy a Lexus car for my wife, so I placed one of their bows on her car instead.

Parents Christmas gift.

What happens when you write “Amazon” on your wish list.

Currently in my senior year of high school and my uncle got me this.

Disco Fever lunchbox for my husband.

Thanks mom!

What a treasure.

Sarah Beatty