Succulent Pumpkins Might Be The Cutest Way To Decorate For Fall

Bring more life and colors to your indoor space with these adorable succulent pumpkins. As a decorative element, people usually associate pumpkins with Halloween. Well, this is no surprise as this winter squash is typically harvested in September and October. But pumpkins are more than jack-o’-lanterns and trick-or-treat buckets. In fact, there are white pumpkin varieties that are specifically bred for ornamental decoration.

Known for its smooth ivory skin, the white pumpkin is usually hollowed out to make an attractive serving tureen. You can also carve, paint and use this type of pumpkin for other decoration purposes. We’ve found this Etsy shop that features cute succulent pumpkins that can put other fall-inspired displays to shame. Each white fairytale pumpkin is full of gorgeous succulents which makes it an alluring centerpiece that you can display all season long.


Adorable Succulent Pumpkins

white pumpkin planters

Sure, you can just make your own succulent pumpkins. But finding chubby fairytale pumpkins, succulent plants and moss takes a lot of effort. Not to mention, not everyone has a knack for plant arrangement. This Etsy shop makes it easier for us to get these beautiful centerpieces without the sweat by offering fully-arranged succulent pumpkins. Just add it to your cart, complete your purchase and wait for your cute plants to arrive.

succulent-topped white fairytale pumpkin


adorable succulent pumpkins

Each white pumpkin is about 4 – 5 inches wide with live succulent plants and moss planted on top of it. You can keep the succulent plants hydrated by spritzing the moss using a spray bottle once a week. These succulent pumpkins should last for weeks. Once the pumpkin has gone bad, you can simply remove the succulent plants and transfer them into cactus soil.

succulent-topped white pumpkins with moss


adorable succulent pumpkins with moss

Unlike seasonal pumpkins, succulent plants can last for years as long as you look after them. But you can prevent the pumpkin from rotting early by placing it away from harsh sun, excessive temperatures and rain. Placing these succulent pumpkins in a location with good air circulation also keeps the winter squash healthy for longer.

succulent pumpkins centerpiece

succulent planters

Source: Etsy