This Rescue Kitten Was Raised By Dogs And Now He Thinks He’s A Dog

Felines have a reputation of being aloof and independent in contrast to their canine rivals who are known to be affectionate and loyal to their humans. Cats are cats and you can’t expect them to act like dogs. But that doesn’t mean they can’t change as proven by this kitten who was raised by dogs. This kitty grew up with the company of his canine best friends. And now he thinks he’s one of them.

Azmael the cat, was a rescue kitten saved by a firefighter in Belgium a few years ago. He was found lying in the middle of the road and severely injured. When they rushed the kitty to the clinic, the vet said that his chance of survival was very slim. But the wounded kitty fought hard for his life and miraculously survived. After his recovery, the firefighter who found him decided to bring him home and adopt him. There he met two dogs named Liam (White Swiss Shepherd) and Nimue (Old German Shepherd Dog).


Rescue Kitten Thinks He’s A Dog

kitten raised by dogs

The firefighter and his wife were a bit concerned when they introduced the kitty to their dogs. Both Liam and Nimue are actually fond of cats since they already have two cats in the house. But they were worried that Azmael might not get along with them. Surprisingly, the little kitty immediately clicked with Liam. The two became friends almost instantly. Liam started looking after the fragile cat and Azmael seemed pleased with the love and care he was getting from his canine buddy. Azmael eventually became friends with Nimue too. And since then, the adorable feline has belonged to the canine pack.


Liam and Nimue

dogs liam and nimue

The kitten grew up healthy and acted more like a dog than a cat. Well, considering the fact that he was essentially raised by two canines. Azmael would follow them everywhere they go and also goes with them for a walk every morning. Unlike most cats, Azmael isn’t scared of other dogs, mainly because he thinks he’s one of them. Moreover, he would chase other dogs who come to annoy Liam and Nimue. So, he’s like a reliable guardian for his two older siblings.


Azmael With His Canine Siblings

kitten raised by dogs think he is a dog

When a photo of the lovable trio was shared on Reddit, people instantly fell in love with the kitty who thinks he’s a dog. On the photo, you can see the protective kitty sitting on the road together with his two canine siblings. The story of Azmael and how he ended up with his loving family also melted the hearts of people on the internet. So, it’s actually no surprise that the post went viral.

cat thinks he is a dog

Cats and dogs have distinct behaviors and personalities that make them unique from each other. In choosing pets, it’s just a matter of the owner’s preference in the type of companionship. While both animals require unconditional love and care from their owners, cats actually don’t demand as much cuddling, playing and walking as dogs do. Since they are naturally independent creatures, they can suitably get by on their own as long as you provide them with enough food and sufficient toys.

azmael the rescue cat raised by dogs

However, cats are also extremely adaptable creatures and are able to tolerate a variety of environments. This means that when a cat is raised by humans, it is likely to acquire human behaviours and act like a human. With Azmael’s case, it’s pretty clear why he’s behaving like a dog. And dogs are also no exemption to this case. In fact, there’s also this particular husky who behaves like a cat because she was raised by cats. Cats acting like dogs and dogs acting like cats, they are indeed off-the-charts in the cute-o-meter.


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