11 Of The Strangest Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Have To Try


Everyone loves a Kit Kat, well we do anyway! Have you ever wondered, though, what different flavors of the bar they have in other countries? Wonder no more as here we have a collection of 11 awesome Kit Kats from Japan. Most of these sound a little different to what we're used to but still pretty yummy all the same, although we're not sure about the grape variety. Just means we will have to order them all and check, just to be sure!

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Soy milk chocolate flavor sounds quite nice.


Adzuki flavor. Adzuki beans are often eaten sweetened as part of a dessert in East Asian cuisine.


Grape flavor sounds interesting. We think the caramel macchiato variety might be nicer!


The soy bean powder Kit Kat.


Mango and chocolate – that could work!


We really need to taste this brown sugar Kit Kat, might be a bit too sweet though?



Yup, banana and chocolate FTW.


Fruit mix sounds yummy!


Chocolate and orange, a winning combination!


There's nothing wrong with strawberry and chocolate either!

Get this delicious flavor right here!

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