Public Restroom Encounters That Are Unforgettably Humiliating

Public restrooms are built for your convenience. But still, the thought of relieving yourself in a public restroom where there are other people coming in or out is kind of awkward. Sometimes, unexpected things happen that either shock or embarrass you. Besides, you are in a public facility where violation of privacy can happen anytime. Here we have a list of public restroom encounters which are rather unpleasant and humiliating. Take a look!

The restroom pipe meets its destroyer.

These mistakes are easily made!

Aim before your shoot.

That would be too disgusting.

I think those people feel blessed. A miracle just happened in a stall next to them.

Definitely not the kind of reward he would wish for after doing a good deed.

Anything goes.

A waiting person is a patient person. I applaud you for being so patient.

These public restroom encounters make us feel thankful for our simpler, less traumatizing experiences!

When nature calls and plays a trick on you.

Guilty as charged.

Who needs a hotel room when you have pubic restrooms?

Privacy is dead.

This is wrong on so many levels. How can people do things like this?!

She’ll know it when she grows up.

When the toilet paper refuses to let you go.

So straightforward…

You just can’t help it sometimes.

As stated previously, some things just can’t be helped!

When a joke is too good to forget.

Peek-a-boo isn’t so fun in a public restroom.